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  1. What's your longest tattoo session

    I got a full colour Japanese sleeve over 5 days just under 30 hours in total
  2. Frankenstein And His Bride

    Frankie Healed his bride fresh first sit on both want to go back in one more time to sharpen a few things and to add highlights Adding the mummy and werewolf at later date, with a little coverup of some old stuff. Really enjoying portrait style work at the moment.
  3. Are Rotaries "better" Or "easier"

    I use coils for lining every time but always reacvh for my swashdrive whip when I'm packing colour or wanting smooth wash it has all the apeal of a rotary with the "give" of a coil.
  4. Coverup/rework

    bigger pic
  5. Looking For Suggestions...

    Soft smoke
  6. Coverup/rework

    Had a coverup/rework to do Kuro sumi black,classic colors 5rl,9curved mag done with swashdrive whips Before Reference Finished
  7. Rotaries

    I recently puchased a swashdrive whip awesome machine, took a bit to get used to since I was a coil guy, but once figured out does everything, lines with ease,shades super smooth and packs the shit out of the color, all with a change of the clip setting and volt adjustment, gonna get myself a couple more for the full setup and retire a few coils.
  8. My First Upload Of Some Drawing.

    Back to the drawing board literally, needs heaps of refining,half an hour is nowhere near enough time,maybe for a quick layout sketch but not a final drawing.
  9. Movie Sleeve In Progress

    Good start, should turn out an awesome sleeve
  10. Ink Information?

    Take Nippy's advice Waverly is the shit!! Skin candy is just shit.
  11. Jawsome Shark....finished.

    Seen this at outline stage good to see it finished nice tattoo, shit house photo but
  12. Hannya

    Hear what ya's are saying about no black but he wants a really dark background and I didn't want it to blend in to much,still might go in after the background is done and add a little black here and there,can always add to it. Big Pete Classic goes in so so nice and easy.
  13. Hannya

    Haven't posted anything for a long time, thought I'd throw this out there 7 bugpin liner 7 mag all Classic Colours. Tear it up!
  14. Spore Testing

    The indicators on autoclave pouches don't change colour when sterilisation is achieved they are only an indicator that heat was present (put em in an oven at temp and they'll change colour). Can't help with regs in UK but sorry.
  15. Needlerunners

    It was Josh Carltons not Joes sorry but yeah they do look like something different might have to give em a go myself