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  1. wooden frames , niche market right there bro
  2. Job for Mark101
  3. LOvely achine , roundback jonesy style , interesting custom a bar with drop front and engraving that does taste of Huck
  4. You measure in french ?
  5. Yeah , we used them , pelicans are damn heavy . Photographic style flightcases are best on the whole , stackables with wheels . Depends on how much kit you taking . A whole workstation > Those that Letaali showed seem popular for travelling artists at conventions and are about the lightest around . My mimimum set up takes a 4 ft plus high stack of snap on style metal roller tool cases . With furniture folded and strapped on . Like most answers....all depends
  6. Damn straight ! My first machine was $350 1988 ! That took some fucking sacrifice , imagine that in todays money . Anyway , back then , you couldnt just buy a machine had to be backed up by someone known.....maybe a practice that wasnt so wrong after all
  7. Light source ? Following original flash ? Fuck up ?
  8. quote" A good trick when you are sketching the tattoo, is to squint your eyes, so that the image blurs a bit, which will give you an idea of how the tattoo will look years later when the ink diffuses, and if you'll still be able to see the figures clearly" Hey , that my line ! I just said that a few weeks ago ! Get your own material ! Anyway , I think the birds being a part of the roses is a clever piece of observation - the birds in the wild are coloured to camoflage whilst feeding , and this picture cleverly leads the eye from a clearly seen bird to those in their natural habitat . On top of being a fucking shit hot piece of tattooing , technically well worked it is a clever bit of art too......any minor faults are so heavily outgunned by that I doubt anyone would notice them this year or 30 years along .
  9. Sickly sweet or sweetly sick...either way ....fckin great idea and work
  10. I wonder if you could take them on a fly rod , you would have to tie up some flies with big nuts...monkey nuts , to give the wrinkled scrotal effect ? They would fight like a demon what with eight legs and web to hold on with....this could change sportishing as we know it .....Monsanto anyone ?
  11. yeah , you understood what I meant , thats what I was getting at . You dont gt the name Shocker for handing out cookies
  12. you been littering in national parks again ?
  13. colleague of mine moved to be next to me to share our tools facilities but Spider Man as we call him has got him in his web and now Richard , who is the best intuitive young motor mechanic I have met wobbles round in a glassy eyed haze and is never around to do any work . Used to be you would have to ask him to STOP helping out of embarrassment at b not being able to pay him . Another sad ,sad story of great talent being wasted,,,but hey , I wouldnt be told and had to find my own way through my demons , just like Rich has to . heres luck to him .
  14. Stoney , over here guns are not allowed so only people who dont obey the law get to have them .....hmmmm we are told to call our local (ie regional , up to 150 miles away) police control centre where a 17 year old temp on min wage refuses to take your details as they say the post code (read zip) doesnt tally with their screen . Yesterday I watched a mini riot outside a supermarket where old age pensioners were pelted with bottled water , still in bottles while the security guard argued with the po-lice call centre about the postcode of the incident......theres only one of those supermarkets in the town.....girl refused to accept the report (thus no response , didnt happen) . Recently a guy with over 200 convictions for theft , and thats just the theft ones , theres over 200 more , stole two bottles of whisky from same shop and made off on BMX bike with , get this , the glass bottles stuffed down his pants . The security guard gace chase in his car , robber falls off bike and bottle breaks and lacerates his particulars . Hooray ! We say , one less feral to pollute the gene pool . When it came to court , the robber showed camera phone pics of his bleeding parts and the security guy got a warning and bound over to keep the peace as his driving had scared the poor robber into falling over . The robber had to pay £10.56 for the broken whisky and give the other back . Thats it . He was on a bail/parole electronic tag at the time too . This robber has a record of invading elderly disabled single peoples appts and attacking them with a claw hammer to rob them of their state pension and wedding ring . The DNA evidence is ALWAYS "lost" or inconclusive . I have witnessed some of this personally . It would be nice to think that if he or his ilk invaded MY place I could shoot them , taser or mace them or even let my dog bite them . But no , not in england . Gun control is a great idea , Gun ban ....well just stay away from the toiletries isle and aquarium shops and you should avoid these zombies . Anyway ,380 ? Surely a cheif spesh with +Ps and a shroud hammer would be a better bet ? And frangible rounds cos Talons are just mean .
  15. its all these bath salts and fish food they huff up these days,...whatever happened to good ol' glue sniffing and other traditional fun ? The worst threat a glue sniffer could pose to you is either drooling on you or , worse , getting glued to you /.....godamm "theys" !