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  1. amybird

    The Amybird Tattoo Timeline

    Hmm, can't tell if all my early image posts in this thread have completely died or are just taking forever to load. Well here's my instagram anyway https://instagram.com/amybirdart and my facebook is https://www.facebook.com/AmyWilliamsTattoo My "style" (if i even have/had one) is kinda all over the place these days. I hardly do any painting any more. Not really doing any recreational art in my free time... just in a massive slump as far as that's concerned... it's kinda shit and I feel bad about it but I don't want to force it either. I moved studios a couple of months ago, from Tenacious Tattoo in Sheffield up to Cock-A-Snook in Newcastle (yes I work at somewhere with cock in the name...lol) but I don't really know if all the change is really an excuse for being shit. Think this might have just been happening either way. Hopefully I'll get my shit back together soon. The new studio I'm at has a lot more walk-in business than the other one, which basically had no walk-in clients and most of the business came via facebook etc. So I'm getting more stuff thrown my way that I've never really had to do before, which is good for forcing me out of my comfort zone and giving me more practice at other things, but it's sort of made my work look sort of inconsistent. Not too bothered though, as I said my art has just come to a complete stop so I'm happy for what I do to just be dictated by customers for the time being. Still enjoying tattooing but also feeling very uninspired, unmotivated, a bit lost, mostly sad, guilty about how I'm getting away with putting in a very minimal amount of effort. I'm typing this partly in an effort to just embarrass myself into sorting things out coz I know I just sound like a twat at the moment, with really no excuse. Umm what else. I've noticed postivie stuff too though. Like in a way it's a massive step of progress that I'm able to not give too much of a shit. Designs that I used to start worrying about a week in advance I often just figure out on the day. As I said, with not having "grown up" in a busy walk-in studio I never had that pressure of having to get good at chucking out designs really fast, of things I'd never normally draw. And rarely had more than one customer in a day, so that stunted my progress too. Ok that's all I can think of for now. Seems ages since I've done any sort of online chat or posting. Used to live on this forum. I miss those days of not really having anything to do excpet concentrate on makig my art tattoo-ready.
  2. amybird

    The Amybird Tattoo Timeline

    Hello...! I'm still alive and tattooing and stuff. Incase you wondered...
  3. Hello... lol

  4. amybird

    Cover Up

    Did you think about making the rose bigger?
  5. amybird

    The Amybird Tattoo Timeline

    Gave my mum (age 64) her first tattoo last October. It's weird seeing a fresh tattoo on older skin, clean and bright instead of just a faded blob. In real life it kinda looks like a transfer.
  6. amybird

    The Amybird Tattoo Timeline

    Here's something from February. My first and only football tattoo! lol He wanted it keeping as close to his sketch as possible. It was a nice change doing plain bold traditional instead of my usual silly style. I did a second pass of blue on the lions after it was healed, because he was just gushing blood and it became stupid trying to continue getting the ink in.
  7. amybird

    The Amybird Tattoo Timeline

    Hello! Here's something I did recently. I like it when people book in for one of my silly sketches...this girl's had two of my birds now. Some of the shading and black fill seem to be reflecting the light weirdly, a mixture of dried blood and swelling perhaps, but they were definitely solid!
  8. amybird

    Week 142 - Resuerection Fuckers!

    One of these days, I'm going to start joining in the contests again. I've been saying this for about a year though.....hmmmmm
  9. amybird

    The Amybird Tattoo Timeline

    No.. I think I should have made the gradients a bit longer though. Longer black and taken the red further. I'll see how it heals and might do a touch up on it
  10. amybird

    The Amybird Tattoo Timeline

    I'm never going to get round to updating this properly am I But I still want to share the progress and stuff. I've been posting up photos on Facebook from every tattoo appoinment... There's an album of works-in-progress here and finished pieces here. The chronological order is a bit muddled... This is my most recent tattoo, which I did yesterday: I think, the more I improve, the more the flaws stand out. I'm really happy with this tattoo, but the small flaws in it seem to stand out a mile, like little lineweight inconsistencies and slight choppy patches in the shading etc. Even though this was the easiest tattoo I've done for a while, in that it's on a straightforward nice body part and was small and simple enough to do in one sitting, I was the most nervous I've been for a while because I knew how unforgiving it would be in terms of hiding errors etc, and with the forearm your customer is able to watch your every move so closely. So yeh, slowly getting somewhere. Sorry for not finding the time to post all the high-res pics and do all the waffling...
  11. shit,how can u see when its someones b-day? im sorry i hope u had a wonderful day.all the best in the year to come and beyond!!!



  12. amybird

    The Amybird Tattoo Timeline

    I do take deposits... oh well...at least I got a small amount of free money I also have no shame about ranting at the customer about it, so that's kinda fun anyway As to the coffee staining... yep just careful
  13. amybird

    The Amybird Tattoo Timeline

    Also, cancellations are lame and so are people
  14. amybird

    Gunter And Gunty

    In case you've taken leave of your senses and feel the need to own one of these, prints are now up on my etsy site here.