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  1. TAT2Sailor

    Dot Matrix Printer As A Stencil Maker?

    I have had great success with a 24 pin dot matrix. The 9 pin will produce a dotted stencil. 24 pin is the way to go. I use photoshop to edit and create the final line drawing. I have used two methods to print. Save as a GIF or print and scan and save as jpeg. (I use one computer, w/ scanner printer for this then save to jump drive and transfer to the computer with the dot matrix printer) Open the saved file using windows picture and fax viewer and print. Works like a charm! I removed the printer ribbon to print the stencil after printing a test page. You can adjust the pressure of the printer head if the stencil comes out too light. Hope this helps.
  2. TAT2Sailor

    Trouble With Kuro Sumi Double Black

    One is the Bomb!
  3. TAT2Sailor

    Tatsoul Spearman Envy Needles

    Just ordered samples. If they are as good as they sound, will be ordering more and introducing them to local artists in my neck of the woods!
  4. TAT2Sailor


    August, First of all thank you for the great information, education and down home customer service! I wanted your take on ink shelf life, expiration? Limits, storage effects etc..
  5. TAT2Sailor

    New Machinist -

    Welcome from Maryland!
  6. TAT2Sailor


    Welcome from Maryland!
  7. TAT2Sailor


    Welcome from Maryland!
  8. TAT2Sailor


    Thanks Mark, Jason, I have been away for a while. Sailing the 7 seas, shooting really big guns, launching even bigger missiles, saying hello to old King Neptune, etc. Navy figured I needed a bit more salt! Glad to be back! This forum Rocks! I will be posting more now thatI am back in my homeport. Thanks to all that have helped and guided in the past and continue to do so. r/ A Krusty Old Tat2Sailor
  9. I bought mine at IKEA. It works great! Was cheap $ too!
  10. TAT2Sailor

    My New Armrest

    Link to one I built a week or so ago. http://forum.ink-trails.com/Built-Armrest-...5463#entry75463
  11. TAT2Sailor

    Hello All, I'm New

    Welcome from Maryland!
  12. TAT2Sailor


    Welcome from Maryland!
  13. TAT2Sailor

    Hello All! I'm The New Jack

    Welcome from Maryland!
  14. TAT2Sailor

    New Here...

    Welcome from Maryland!