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  1. gnvarnadore


    thanks bw, just remember whenever i take that trip to the UK you gotta ink me. have the perfect tattoo in mind for you to do.
  2. gnvarnadore

    Time Flies!

    today seems like to day all of the old timers come crawling out from under our rocks. Keep your head up BW and as always you have my love and respect and are always in my prayers.
  3. gnvarnadore


    thanks bro. hope things are going well for you in dubai.
  4. now tattoos are going from art to life saving. wtf? thats just crazy how technology can change things
  5. gnvarnadore


    call him and ask him strait up why he wants to talk to you, if its to offer to get your foot in the door then go for it but if he beats around the bush and wont say what exactly he is interested in then dont go. Or just call and ask if there are any openings for an apprentice or artist without saying who you are. there are ways to get people to talk without seeing them in person.
  6. gnvarnadore

    The 5-figure Club

    as one of those in and out members i love coming back and seeing how the site has grown and all the new info up and really glad to see that the thread i started about recommended suppliers is still up and stickied. Jason i got nothing but mad love for you and this site bro as well as all the mods and members, cant wait to see it hit the 20k mark.
  7. gnvarnadore


    i guess he got you with some kind of littering fine, because thats some bull. most def go to court and fight it, something like that the cop might not even show up and you can win the case easy. another thing you can do is request to have the court date pushed back and keep on requesting it and by the time you go to court the officer might not show or might have forgot about the whole situation and makes it easier for you to fight. thats a little trick i learned about traffic violations....lol.
  8. gnvarnadore

    Bad Weather In The U.s.a?

    as far as south carolina goes we have been having our normal hot weather with a few thunderstorms here and there with chances of tornados
  9. gnvarnadore

    So I Just Pierced My Ears

    at 2ga your ears wont stink too bad. i use nothing but ss and never had an issue with smell untill i went past 00ga. i use jojoba oil to stretch with and to massage my lobes. i tried emu oil but i didnt like the smell of it and it seem to make my lobes stink more than normal. i guess it all depends on how strong your nose is...lol. just take your time and stretch slowly. here is a webpage i found handy when i decided to stretch my lobes stretching info i also order all my plugs and stuff from www.bodyartforms.com and have nothing but good things to say about them, ive even did reviews on some of thier products.
  10. gnvarnadore

    Recommended Suppliers

    i wanna give thanks to everyone for listing suppliers and i hope everyone finds this useful. this thread has been open for over a year now and we have seen many new memebers over the course of the year and i hope it has pointed them in the right driection. keep adding good suppliers to the list.
  11. gnvarnadore

    Feels Good To Be Home

    after taking a break and focusing on my life and the direction its going in, im glad to say im back. ready to get back focused on everything art and tattoo related. had my machines packed up for awhile and its time to bust them out and get focused.
  12. gnvarnadore

    Getting Banned For Copyright Infringment

    man thats a bunch of bull, heck if you put an earing in his ear i guess they would say its Mr. Clean. i guess the people on the site are Obama supporters and think all bald white men look alike, cause honestly thats all you did was draw a bald white guy with a wrench in his hand. maybe make it look more like McCain and i guess you can get away with it on there, ohhh wait hes a bald white man just like joe the plumber so that wont work for the morons on that site.
  13. gnvarnadore

    Saving Dads Tattoo'd Skin?

    ive seen that done before. if my memory serves me correctly it was on Ripleys Believe It or Not and they showed a tattoo shop i believe was in New york that had pieces of tattooed skin framed and on the walls. stupidass, ive heard about the lamp shades but i dont know how true that is.
  14. gnvarnadore

    My Page Is Public Again

    i know bro. i guess i should have put that on there too huh? heck while im at let me put all my contact info and by the way you know your on my top friends on myspace right? to get me on Facebook, use this email speedwelldrifter@aol.com to get me on MSN, gnvarnadore@live.com to get me on the phone, wait im not putting my cell number in here
  15. gnvarnadore

    My Page Is Public Again

    I changed my settings on myspace so more of you guys could add me as a friend. So feel free to add me, the link is in my sig.