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  1. J.J. Flash

    Gday ALL

    Hey all! Ghost reporting for inactive duty!
  2. J.J. Flash

    my tattoo is turning purple

    That's called blow out. It can happen for a lot of reasons. Here's some info for you. http://www.rebelcircus.com/blog/what-is-tattoo-blowout/
  3. J.J. Flash

    Purchasing Membership

    We only accept Paypal, unfrotunately. Everything else has been a hassle to implement and stay on top of in terms of sw upgrades, etc.
  4. J.J. Flash


    The old skin was a custom skin and I ran into problems every time the sw needed to be upgraded. Since site traffic is way down, it just doesn't make financial sense to keep doing the custom skins unfortunately. Also, every time they upgrade a whole number things totally change. BTW, good to see some familiar faces! Hope everyone is well!
  5. J.J. Flash

    Assistance from admin

    Found him, but can't find any record of a membership payment. Have him get in touch with me...
  6. J.J. Flash

    Assistance from admin

    I can look into it, but the name "eternal forges" doesn't show up for me.
  7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/theinkspot/
  8. J.J. Flash

    Forum Software Update!

    Folks, after more time than it should;ve taken we have updated the forum website to the latest version. Good news: We hope to start addressing some of the IPN server/ communication issues for pending Paypal payments. Also, poke around and start using TAGS which help users and search engines find content more readily. Bad News: The previous custom skin no longer works with this sw version so it may look rather bland for a while while we think about best ways to dress it up (if at all). Also... ***IMPORTANT*** You will now need to log in with display name, rather than login name. In older sw versions display name/login name were different. Moving forward you will ONLY use your display name (login name is useless). That means for example, I now have to login as "J.J. Flash" which is my exact display name. Thanks to everyone for the patience.
  9. J.J. Flash

    No Access

    Sending you email now.
  10. J.J. Flash

    Purchasing Membership

    The issues in question relate to either customer's paying via Paypal wherein their account is not linked and so payment gets marked as pending while Paypal clears. However, for some reason Paypal doesn't let the site know when it clears so (for now) has to be done manually. Also, still battling to get forum sw upgraded to determine if sw or hosting company is the cause of database errors. It's as frustrating for me to have to deal with as well. Thx for your patience and always, if there's an issue....just email. Mizio, you should be sorted now.
  11. J.J. Flash

    Paid But Can't Post?

    Was on hold. Should work now.
  12. Having to upgrade the site sw and due to spam posts and comments in the blog, rather than painstakingly manually reviewing and deleting each one, we're going to need to delete all blogs and disable that feature. Not that many people use it so hopefully y'all understand. On the bright side, we discovered what got us manually banned from search engines
  13. Hey guys, As some of the older members know, I am no longer tattooing and have not been for over 5-years. During that time I have become less active on the site to the point of not really paying much attention to the daily activity. We’ve had server issues with our host, and I just learned that the site is no longer indexed in Google due to some spammy posts that happened around January of this year. This meant that the site was no longer showing up in Google searches and thus the numbers of new members declined significantly, leading to an almost complete slowdown of activity on the site. I am now working on removing those posts and applying for reconsideration in the index. It is my hope that through some general maintenance, the site will start slowly getting new members again and regain some of the community that made it such a wonderful resource to begin with. Also, if anyone is still reading this, feel free to get in touch if you’d be interested in being a moderator. We’ve lost more than a few good men (and women). Hope life is treating you all well. JJ
  14. J.J. Flash

    Purchasing Membership

    Should be resolved now. Yeah, site's ben slow...have been AWOL for a while, now just looking at things and appears Googel dropped us from index for sp@mmy posts. Nutz...
  15. J.J. Flash

    Purchasing Membership

    Sorry for delay. Try now.