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    We use eternal and i love them as well as another artist here who is more prone to black and grey realism
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    Or all of the above lol
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    A contest?! 🤔 lol 🤣
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    Laser that atrocity off
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    Unreadable really does the first one say no fucks given? the first rule should be make it readable
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    Fuck off if you are going to spam at least make it tattoo related
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    as always, feedback appreciated - sprry for crap photo
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    I by no means claim to be perfect. But I can assure I work damn hard at what i do...this is my tattoo portfolio... http://www.brokenheartstc.com/Artist/Adam/adam_underwood_portfolio.html
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    Not having to study for art is the funniest and wrongest thing I've heard all day.
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    Just carry on with what you are doing and knock it up as you need it more $$ outlay otherwise
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    Darker skin = stick with clean colors and be aware that they will heal significantly muted. So if there's going to be green on your tattoo, the tattooer will probably use a bright green that will heal looking like a darker, leaf/olive green. Yellows look mustard, reds look like brick (relatively)
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    So this is a tattoo you applied, and an unfortunately poor application. The shading on the body is no good, but some of it's fixable. Looks like you're working with three tones: black, medium and skin. There's no actual shading on the body to show form, just an attempt to show the striations in the muscles with one grey tone and an 8 round. The other shading is jet black; giving him the world's skinniest foreshortened forearm and a wonky floating drop shadow under his fist. When it heals, the calligraphy background is going to show the thin outline in some spots when it should be "line-less" to appear as brushwork. First lesson in Tribal 101 is don't leave a gap between your outline and your fill.
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    there goes..
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    haven't posted in a while. recent one.
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    You want it? Pay it, if the work's that good. Artwork, if you weren't aware, is actually worthless. It's useless stuff that you look at. It's only valued if someone puts a price tag on it. You're throwing dollar signs around to attract "THE BEST"...and now showing concerns about it being a reasonable price? Pay it and fuck off.
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    I usually have twisted vines, leaves and small buds throughout the background in floral sleeves. I make a flowing pattern that carries through the whole design with the vines. The small colored flowers would look good, too. My criticism of what you already have is that it lacks texture. The leaves and stems have the same line weight and smooth shading as the petals. And the roses are somewhat randomly shaded. What you have is a good start, though, and can be easily refined.
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    how about you just keep these in one thread. Tattoo-related it may be; but it's still coming off as spam.
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    I tried using my debit card the other day,it said it was invalid and wouldn't work
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    ok, nice to meet you. fire away
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    So I've been apprenticing for just under a year, (it'll be a year in april) and while I have been learning a few things slowly I'm starting to wonder if the person who is supposed to be teaching me is taking advantage of free labour. I've done the set up and take down, and reception and cleaning. He's only let me draw two (very simple) final stencils and I haven't started practicing on fake skin yet. I'm fine with being patient but I want more opinions on this. He also wants a certain amount in tuition every year even though I've already worked for him for free for a year. Is this normal? He's also weird about me getting tattoos from other people (when it was their specific style and he couldn't have done it) and I was wondering if you guys think this is a breach of etiquitte? What would you expect from your apprentice? What other rules do you have? Everyone I've talked to in person has had very non formal apprenticeships so I haven't had any help there. I just want to know what is the norm in an apprenticeship
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    You will only get out what you put in. what are you doing when he/she is tattooing what questions are you asking when they have finished? being wierd about getting tattoos from someone else i can kind of understand if you dont trust them to be able to do it why are you working there?
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    Means nothing to me but its a solid piece of ink
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    Actually - please point out in your original comment where you said you were employed? You clearly stated you have been out of work for a few months. The only one who needs to learn how to read is you dear.
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    Word of advice. You stated you are a canvas. That's great. Really it is. Tattooing takes two people. The Tattoo artist and the Canvas. But as a canvas, you have some responsibility as well. Research and know what you are getting in to. Really try to understand what you can, should, and shouldn't say or do. The artist you went to acknowledged you were in a tough situation financially. Instead of telling you what his actual prices are or giving you an over the top, expensive quote to make you go away, he actually asked you, what you could do. Telling him 15 to 20 dollars was a slap in the face. I get it. You weren't trying to be an asshole. That was really what you could afford. Fine. But understand, that if you go to any reputable tattoo shop, you will get the same response. With the exception of 13 dollar and 20 dollar tattoo specials shop run on special holidays once in a blue moon, you will not find a tattoo at that price anywhere. And if you do, it isn't going to be a quality tattoo. $100 shoes at your local shoe shop vs 10 shoes from Walmart. You get what you pay for. No self respecting tattoo artist will spend his time and make an effort to give you a quality tattoo for 20.00. You want an inexpensive tattoo? Find a tattoo apprentice that is willing to practice on you. They will usually do it for free or charge you 20 bucks AND they'll try their best - most times. Majority of tattoo minimums run $60.00 to $80.00. This is essentially the setup fee. Tattoos that fall under this price range are small simple infinity signs and semi-colon type stuff. If you do your homework and treat the Tattoo Artist with respect you might get a nice surprise. If you had done the homework, realized that 60-80 dollars was the norm, saved a little and told him that was what you could do. He might have said hey, I usually charge 120-150 but today, I'll hook you up. It happens. I've done it myself. So in short. Yes, you didn't know but also, you are responsible as a canvas to do some research. It will benefit you in the long run. Also - You referred to yourself as a canvas. That implies you want ART on your body and not just another tramp stamp. Don't rush to get tattoos. Save up if you have to and get something sweet. Be an awesome canvas. Put great art on yourself. Great art doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg. It just doesn't cost 20.00 bucks.
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    If it's not covered then it's not a coverup, more like a 'disguise' to take your eye away from the name. It's your job to explain to people what is gonna work and what isn't!
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    How much coloring...? Could be bold, saturated fields of color; no translucency or noticeable application patterns at all. The contrast should definitely be upped between the colored top and side planes of the pattern.
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    I get the feeling that you are somehow affiliated with stylemans site , this forum was specifically set up for people trying to 'become' tattooists or get into the trade .NOT for people to comment on random posters pic of a 2 minute/3 line tattoo which has been picked at or not looked after properly.... have problem with your tat?... go back to your artist fuck I could go on forever ... just saddened to see the trails become what it has 😕
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    Cancel the dentist appointment and go get a tattoo...🤔
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    Lucky supplies in florida take your pick
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    its not going to fall out
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    all shapes are good. it s actually nice to see someone starting small, with the very basics, way i feel it should be. might be good to experiment with different line thicknesses, long throw, shorter throw, - see what difference in results, or what groupings work better with what... pulling a line towards you, away from you.. gain confidence with things of the sort...
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    Welcome to the forum. The skull and rose sketch has a nice feel to it.
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    Can't really gauge your drawing ability by the photos in that link. The images are all very stylized illustrations and designs; and don't demonstrate much in the way of control over the medium. The one thing that seems apparent from your photos is that you don't seem to have any tattoos. You might want to frequent tattoo parlors to see if the environment is something that really attracts you. I wasted a fair amount of time pursuing a degree in education, only to find out that I fucking hate children. And so it goes with tattooing as well: it's an interesting trade and you get to make art (sometimes), but the majority of your clients are just going to want trendy, minimum fee designs that they pulled from Pinterest. And a discouraging quantity of those potential clients are going to be assholes as well.
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    light and patchy. Don't be shy: press and stretch
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    Your perspective is way off. If that girl is laying in the water, then the fish are all at the wrong angle, they look dead and floating sideways. Better use of anatomy, me thinks you traced the body. and left out the arms because you didnt know what to do with them. Face is okay, but still very flat, especially the eyes. The chrysanthemums only have the 1 tier of pedals, which look cheap, they need more pedals. Finger waves are bad. I know they are hard to draw, I studied (yes studied) finger waves, and filled an entire sketchbook until they began to work for me. And all the swirly background lines dont make sense, they are confusing
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    Looks like you're trying to flog a dead horse with this one Adam! Lol
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    Everything pal. You need to know the rules of anatomy before you can play with them, let alone implement them in your designs. Same goes with the anatomy of animals, fish, snakes, tigers etc...if the anatomy is off, it will not be appealing. And yes, this applies to tattoos as well, especially for someone focused on Japanese art. Since you used the word "bored" I feel inclined to take the gloves off and give it to you straight. Art is hard, and can be very boring at times. You're not nearly at any level to be bored with basic fundamentals in art. You are far from producing professional work, and everything you do right now should be practice...exercise. Yes, it gets boring and tedious, and thats what makes it hard. Can you honestly look at your drawing of the woman and baby and think "yep, looks great!"? You're not gonna be knocking out rad art until you gain some tools. That comes from studying
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    It's really hard to give "tips" when I see this level of tattooing. Everything is wrong, so it's hard to find a point to start. If you're not going to get an apprenticeship, I would advise getting tattooed as much as possible, and really pay attention to whats happening. My guess the reason your saturation is so poor, has to do with properly stretching the skin, as well and hand speed being too fast. Thats really all i can say. There are so many factors to tattooing, it's nearly impossible to say what to do when its this bad. You have no frame of reference, so it's tough. Also, I can say with confidence, Intenze inks are terrible
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    Some of us have been around since these guys were in diapers Mayhem. Not everyone here is a beginner. As far as me making fun of someone I dont know .... Take it all at face value. If you're going to post "educational" videos professing how knowledgeable you are, as well as how you are about to revolutionize the tattoo machine with some new fangled invention called an electromagnet .... then you should probably be able to provide substantial proof or evidence of that. This dude is not, and will not ever revolutionize anything. His videos are 1+ hours of inarticulation, contradictions, newly created words, terms, and theories that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. The terminology he uses is mostly incorrect, and some of it is even made up, which simply means that he had exerted neither the effort or desire to properly learn and study the mechanics and electrical theory behind the machines with which he would like to use to make his living. Something i consider to be highly disrespectful to ones chosen passion. Beyond all that, it's also just one person with an ego bigger than his own understanding. To actually pay attention to what a person speaks about, and how they deliver their point of view and or opinion, and any sane, intelligent person can gain a firm understanding of that persons knowledge, intent, and experience. I've watched all of his video posts, and actually paid attention to his speeches, and it is nothing more than the rants of an uneducated type A personality. Driven to be 'heard' yet nothing to say. people of this type talk in circles, throw an occasional ten dollar word in a sentence, and believe that they are completely correct in every aspect, and deserve to be followed, patted on the back, and generally fawned over. Which is why we were all born with mothers. To openly promote a "scratcher" mentality doesnt do any of us any good. Most 'kids' that follow that path and mentality will argue the two biggest, oldest, and most worn out points of contention in this trade. A ) That professional tattooists keep secrets deliberately, and prevent just any tom dick or harry from obtaining their dream of becoming a professional tattooist B ) Professional Tattooists are nothing more than price gougers, bilking the general public out of their hard earned money by charging ridiculous rates. I can address both of those points with an almost inarguable truth, although there are always those who will refuse to understand the simplicity of it all, and just keep running around their own mulberry bush like a dog chasing his own tail. A ) yes. there are secrets. There are techniques, tuning formulas, pigment recipes, etc. that people have taken years and even decades to learn, understand, and master. No two tattooists work exactly the same. There is no hidden handbook, guide, or set of rules that dictate how any one method or technique should be performed, so why would anyone believe that someone who has worked for years to master any one single aspect of anything to do with this trade, should have that information given freely to any half baked retard with an internet connection. What we call that in educated society is entitlement. For every person born in this world, you are entitled to breathe, eat, and relieve yourself. Everything else must be learned or earned. B ) Working in a shop is expensive. Rent, Permits, Utilities, Equipment, Furniture, Insurance, etc. It all adds up quickly. Whether you own the shop, or simply work for a percentage or even rent your own booth. Overhead is high. Insurance is not only expensive, but difficult for even the best of us to secure. Sure many professional Tattooists, including some of the best in the world, started out scribbling on their friends with junk equipment in a garage, basement, kitchen, and even jail cells. Only the very best of those folks have made it. And believe me when I say that is far less than ONE percent. None of this means that I feel people should not be interested in learning, nor does it mean I am an 'elitest' who thinks that only the best should tattoo. Quite the opposite. The trade needs scratchers. We need shitty tattooists in dirty shops, and to some extent, we need idiots who truly believe they are just as good as anyone else, and have a god given right to tattoo misspelled phrases. These are the things that set professional apart from amateurs. In the end, there is no single reason you could present as logical, as to why someone would simply not put the effort in to actually learn a thing or two, and make proper educated decisions about right or wrong. The Ink-Trails itself carries somewhat of a stigma amongst professional tattooists, even though many of our members are Pros. There have been literally dozens of hopeful tattooists that spent years trolling this site, as well as participating, that have gone on to working in professional shops, and I honestly believe some of them to be among the best artists I have ever known. A few of those still hang around, and many dont. We are a stepping stone. you can learn a thing or two about every aspect of this trade if you know how to look, and how to ask. Very little is given freely, and even less is given to those who display the air of entitlement that seems to be prevalent in todays younger generations. Personally, I'm an old cat ... and believe in old values like Respect and Humility. arrogance, as disgusting a personality trait as it is, should be reserved for those who have earned it with talent, not ignorance and temper tantrums.... it is also a trait that does not co-exist with either of the aforementioned personality traits one should strive to embrace. The blind simply can not lead the blind. The ignorant can not learn from the uneducated. Trying to accrue a majority group of uneducated scratchers with little to no artistic talent, and even less technical knowledge and ability, is not going to overthrow, overpower, or change anything in regards to the trade we all love and hate. I refuse to call it an industry. It is an art, a craft, and even a lifestyle that should be revered and respected. Television has done more damage to this thing of ours, and that is something that is simply not possible to reverse or fix. The use of social media, as an outlet for advertisements and self promotion, hasnt helped us at all either ...... Even the most outspoken professionals taking the moral high ground contribute to the commercial 'sell out' of their own talent, trades and careers via social media sites, lest you believe I'm singling out just one group of people. So I may leaned a bit to the left with my reply, but I hope it's enough to bring more than just a narrow minded point of view to the table. There are many ways to address a problem or situation correctly, and many more ways to approach something incorrectly. This is simply not the way to go, and I believe it to be among the worst, and most moronic 'movements' I have ever seen. ... and i have been around far too long to confuse intelligence with education.
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    My quick painless recipe for getting a good reliable stencil step one.....find stencil stuff on your favorite suppliers website. step two.....drop the 20 bucks and buy a bottle (how much do you spend on all the speedstick,alcohol,witch hazel, empty bottes, etc anyway) step three.....use it (cost is just a few cents per tattoo)
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    That drink coaster idea is fucking cool. I love that. Designs are good to go also.
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    I decided today to practice some whip shading with the linework I did the other night on practice skin this is the original pic I got off the net to practice with this is my attempt close up pic Mine is nowhere near as good as to original but Ive made progress for sure Im gonna touch this up a little in a few places but its basically done I tried to make the wiskers a little longer but just fucked em up instead. I might try to make them a little thicker to fix it but I havent decided yet Also I think I may need to slow my machine down a little more to separate the "dotted" parts more like the original Howd I do? Any pointers
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    Yeah he's a wicked artist, the way he shows each stage of the painting process is a real help for anyone wanting to learn watercolour. I never knew how to stretch paper before reading this! Cheers for sharing mario/mark