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    We use eternal and i love them as well as another artist here who is more prone to black and grey realism
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    Or all of the above lol
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    A contest?! πŸ€” lol 🀣
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    Unreadable really does the first one say no fucks given? the first rule should be make it readable
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    Well, achieving something on paper is totally different than skin. Completely different technique all together. When you're tattooing realism, you'd have to be mindful of this fact and understanding that its a different medium. Just like you can't erase with paint, its a different technique of applying the medium. Like with the different size mm pencil being different needle groupings, they may resemble one another, but they act completely different and even the same pencils in someone elses hands can have a completely different effect. It may be a 7mm pencil, but that 7mm point can be worked in several different ways. So to even compare 1 pencil in one's hand to the same exact pencil in another's hand could bare the difference of night and day. Therefor comparing a pencil to a needle would have an even larger set of differences. Manipulating the point of the pencil is a large factor of the tool which you can't do with a needle. The needle has a consistency which you have to work harder to maintain on a pencil. IMO, I wouldn't worry too much about the tattoo aspect of portraits until you're completely comfortable with general portrait work. Once you have a good grip on your portraits, a lot of your questions will already have been answered. The guide lines would be your stencil. If you make your stencil stuff or buy it, you'll have a stencil that won't come off and you won't need to blood line much, if anything. But again, everyone is different. The bottom line is, 2 different mediums which will have 2 different end results and are approached in 2 different ways for different reasons.
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    Hello my name is Mark some of you know me on the forum but for all the new people signing up I'm one of the moderators. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area of california. I have been tattooing for almost 8 years now. I have worked in three shops in the northern Bay Area and now I have taken a leave from working full time in a shop to finish my fine art degree in Illustration. I'm working privatley till I can rent my own studio space. I'm best with things regarding technique and artistic applications; for more technical questions like fine tuning machines and custom appplications feel free to ask and if I don't know it I'll find someone that can. I like to think I'm fare and will tell you what you need to improve on and any mistakes to avoid for the next time. So enjoy the forum and read and learn as much as you can. There is info here that people won't find anywhere else including their own apprenticships.
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    Sounds like you have a good start on most of the latest trends, follow on with an infinity symbol morphing into a flock of bird πŸ¦… silhouettes with a mandala at the centre in white ink πŸ˜‰ and get get it upside down because it’s for YOU 🀣
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    Just carry on with what you are doing and knock it up as you need it more $$ outlay otherwise
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    Said was his brothers and hes locked up. So there selling off hos supplies and critical power supply.
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    yeah I realized that after posting that it was an album cover, looks like shit to me but im a grumpy old git apparently. Try drawing something original that's within your capabilities,I seen your rose and you even made that look painful. take smaller steps and you'll get there in the end. After I read your post on the sublime sun thing I got a bit worried when you said you were ready to stencil it......please tell me you're NOT gonna transfer that to stencil paper to tattoo on someone?
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    Maybe some more light bulbs πŸ’‘to brighten it up a bit. 🀣 lol, I fuckin crack me up sometimes! πŸ˜‚
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    So this is a tattoo you applied, and an unfortunately poor application. The shading on the body is no good, but some of it's fixable. Looks like you're working with three tones: black, medium and skin. There's no actual shading on the body to show form, just an attempt to show the striations in the muscles with one grey tone and an 8 round. The other shading is jet black; giving him the world's skinniest foreshortened forearm and a wonky floating drop shadow under his fist. When it heals, the calligraphy background is going to show the thin outline in some spots when it should be "line-less" to appear as brushwork. First lesson in Tribal 101 is don't leave a gap between your outline and your fill.
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    Also, "World top 20" is such a subjective statement, that bares no weight in the tattoo world. I mean I fall just short of that list currently ranked #21, and I charge $150 an hour. So my day rate is $1200 plus the standard 100% tip so $2400 minimum
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    Do not copy ?? baaaaahhhh
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    What tension you running at there is a few options
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    Draw, take a blood born pathogens and communicable disease test, proper sterilization. Rubbing alcohol is not used for sterilizing tattoo equipment, needles etc. Stay away from those Chinese kits on ebay and amazon, those inks are not good for the skin. Research research research. Do not rush out to buy a kit for $50 because it contains everything and tattoo your wife or brother. You have to crawl before you can walk.
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    There is nothing wrong with pelikan ink im not dead yet and neither are millions of others with tattoos i have both pelikan and talens in my body and they say both shouldnt be used ive even got the 2 mixed together as it makes for great black and grey pieces bring back the days of pre internet when everyone just got tattooed and didnt worry about it
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    So I've been apprenticing for just under a year, (it'll be a year in april) and while I have been learning a few things slowly I'm starting to wonder if the person who is supposed to be teaching me is taking advantage of free labour. I've done the set up and take down, and reception and cleaning. He's only let me draw two (very simple) final stencils and I haven't started practicing on fake skin yet. I'm fine with being patient but I want more opinions on this. He also wants a certain amount in tuition every year even though I've already worked for him for free for a year. Is this normal? He's also weird about me getting tattoos from other people (when it was their specific style and he couldn't have done it) and I was wondering if you guys think this is a breach of etiquitte? What would you expect from your apprentice? What other rules do you have? Everyone I've talked to in person has had very non formal apprenticeships so I haven't had any help there. I just want to know what is the norm in an apprenticeship
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    very nice. Did you do this in a single session? Think I'd go cross-eyed if I tried that
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    Yeah he's a wicked artist, the way he shows each stage of the painting process is a real help for anyone wanting to learn watercolour. I never knew how to stretch paper before reading this! Cheers for sharing mario/mark