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    Hello my name is Mark some of you know me on the forum but for all the new people signing up I'm one of the moderators. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area of california. I have been tattooing for almost 8 years now. I have worked in three shops in the northern Bay Area and now I have taken a leave from working full time in a shop to finish my fine art degree in Illustration. I'm working privatley till I can rent my own studio space. I'm best with things regarding technique and artistic applications; for more technical questions like fine tuning machines and custom appplications feel free to ask and if I don't know it I'll find someone that can. I like to think I'm fare and will tell you what you need to improve on and any mistakes to avoid for the next time. So enjoy the forum and read and learn as much as you can. There is info here that people won't find anywhere else including their own apprenticships.
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    Feedback, Suggestions & Recommendation Questions, comments, feedback about this forum. Love letters also accepted. ..... and post all of your "what should I get tattooed on me" questions here so complete strangers can make your permanent decisions for you. OR, scroll down just the tiniest bit to find the appropriate category for stupid question placement.
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    I married one, once upon a time .... it wasn’t a dragon when we first met.... blah blah blah..... killed that dragon and lived happily ever after ?
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    We use eternal and i love them as well as another artist here who is more prone to black and grey realism
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    Or all of the above lol
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    Feel free to send us any comments, suggestions, or general feedback on this forum. Recommend new categories, shower us with praise, or discuss how we can improve this community. Our goal is to make this the best tattoo community on the web. You play an integral role in our development and your ideas help us achieve this goal!
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    Well, achieving something on paper is totally different than skin. Completely different technique all together. When you're tattooing realism, you'd have to be mindful of this fact and understanding that its a different medium. Just like you can't erase with paint, its a different technique of applying the medium. Like with the different size mm pencil being different needle groupings, they may resemble one another, but they act completely different and even the same pencils in someone elses hands can have a completely different effect. It may be a 7mm pencil, but that 7mm point can be worked in several different ways. So to even compare 1 pencil in one's hand to the same exact pencil in another's hand could bare the difference of night and day. Therefor comparing a pencil to a needle would have an even larger set of differences. Manipulating the point of the pencil is a large factor of the tool which you can't do with a needle. The needle has a consistency which you have to work harder to maintain on a pencil. IMO, I wouldn't worry too much about the tattoo aspect of portraits until you're completely comfortable with general portrait work. Once you have a good grip on your portraits, a lot of your questions will already have been answered. The guide lines would be your stencil. If you make your stencil stuff or buy it, you'll have a stencil that won't come off and you won't need to blood line much, if anything. But again, everyone is different. The bottom line is, 2 different mediums which will have 2 different end results and are approached in 2 different ways for different reasons.
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    I"ve started using Spirit's green stencil paper for average sized tattoos that are going to have fine details or are to be greylined.
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    Read up on all the old posts on here, drop the $20 for the lifetime membership if you are anywhere serious about tattooing as it gets you access to a lot more info. Step back and grab some pigskin and practice your lines/shading/fill, find out what your machines are actually suited for whether lining shading etc . Don’t nt make your hand speed suit the machine, make the machine suit you. I’m not gonna comment on the tattoos as we have all done some shit at one time or another. Just slow down and do t let people pressure you into tattooing them just because you’ve got ‘guns’, wait until YOU think you’re ready because remember you’re still gonna have your name attached to bad ink regardless of how famous you get ?
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    What’s the point of joining a tattoo forum for “beginner” artists and asking a question like that? Ask your friends/ mom/ artist who done the work/ other artists in your area.....ffs how hard could it really be. Ranting as it seems in the past little while this forum has become a place to join to ask stupid questions about tattoos they have received, nobody here really gives a fuck about your new 2 minute, 5 line outline of a horse that a 3 year old kid could have drawn blindfolded full of crack cocaine ,so don’t ask for an opinion on work that wasn’t done by a current member of this forum, I’m pretty sure there is something about posting 3rd party work in the forum rules
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    Go trawl the internet for tattoo artist and find one you like where in the world are you ? go have a chat and give him the ideas get hooked up
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    Sounds like he has enough to go on and speak to an artist and get somethng sketched up he needs to go and see bob tyrell or someone like that if money is no problem
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    In other words get fat now and stay fat lol
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    So many tribal styles out there...
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    The old skin was a custom skin and I ran into problems every time the sw needed to be upgraded. Since site traffic is way down, it just doesn't make financial sense to keep doing the custom skins unfortunately. Also, every time they upgrade a whole number things totally change. BTW, good to see some familiar faces! Hope everyone is well!
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    Sounds like you have a good start on most of the latest trends, follow on with an infinity symbol morphing into a flock of bird ? silhouettes with a mandala at the centre in white ink ? and get get it upside down because it’s for YOU ?
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    You are not ready for your next tattoo if you were you would know what you want
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    You could ask an admin if you can find one lol i dont know alot of newbies have the same problem
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    Well, if you want the best guy who is the best of the best who works best with the best guys of guys who are the best and are the best in the best top 10 of the best guys, you should be a little more patient. I'm not a top 10 artist, I'm only currently ranked 13 on the top best guys list, and it an be hard returning emails.
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    did these at the malta tattoo expo.. the dog could have used a bit more finishing, as ran outta time.. meeting again for a second hit after it heals, but thought id share.
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    Jamie, Green soap is a combination of roughly 10% Anti-bacterial Dial hand soap and 90% water. If you intend to keep the mixture for more than a week or two, you can also add a little bit of alcohol to the mixture to help keep any bacteria from growing. The mainthing is you want the green soap to only foam slightly when rubbed on the skin. You will use this mixture for both shaving the skin, and placing the stencil. We mix our own green soap mix, but you can also buy it from a tattoo supply site as well.