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    I married one, once upon a time .... it wasn’t a dragon when we first met.... blah blah blah..... killed that dragon and lived happily ever after 😉
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    We use eternal and i love them as well as another artist here who is more prone to black and grey realism
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    Or all of the above lol
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    A contest?! 🤔 lol 🤣
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    Unreadable really does the first one say no fucks given? the first rule should be make it readable
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    Fuck off if you are going to spam at least make it tattoo related
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    I by no means claim to be perfect. But I can assure I work damn hard at what i do...this is my tattoo portfolio... http://www.brokenheartstc.com/Artist/Adam/adam_underwood_portfolio.html
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    Not having to study for art is the funniest and wrongest thing I've heard all day.
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    You got a response of, "don't exfoliate at all". After you explained that you don't until it's fully healed, the follow up explained how a lot of people come on here and don't really read through entire posts (with a little joke added about you should assume your audience may not be that bright). Not really "chastised", I'd say. After which you could have responded with one of those little winking smily faces. But you didn't; and this is a quiet forum, so now we're just seeing where this will go just to keep it lively. Your turn ;P
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    Re-fucking-lax. There's usually a certain amount of jest amongst tattooers on this forum. My input would be: you put too much shit on your tattoos. Just let 'em heal by leaving them alone. I think there's a safe room here somewhere if you need some cocoa and a support animal after Mark's horrible tongue-lashing.
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    Don’t know about ‘‘accepting new things” as they don’t seem to be slow at copying anything that is “new” or in high demand,(electronic gear/TVs/phones)although the quality is vastly inferior I definitely wouldn’t say they are backwards in that way. I would just say it’s all down to their ancient customs and traditions which keep them from moving forward and keeping up with trends like tattoos and wearing your pants under your arse cheeks 🤣
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    That’s a pretty magnified pic, just accept the ‘tattoo’ you got and stop nitpicking, it adds character to it. It can’t be much bigger than 12mm high and it’s not even a tattoo.... it’s a line... nothing more .. nothing less. If on the other hand it was writing or a proper tattoo with lights, darks coulours etc then I’m sure the artist would have disguised the blowout with a bit of shading or colour.
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    The old skin was a custom skin and I ran into problems every time the sw needed to be upgraded. Since site traffic is way down, it just doesn't make financial sense to keep doing the custom skins unfortunately. Also, every time they upgrade a whole number things totally change. BTW, good to see some familiar faces! Hope everyone is well!
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    Want a penis tattooed on you? Realistic or traditional?
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    Sounds like you have a good start on most of the latest trends, follow on with an infinity symbol morphing into a flock of bird 🦅 silhouettes with a mandala at the centre in white ink 😉 and get get it upside down because it’s for YOU 🤣
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    You could ask an admin if you can find one lol i dont know alot of newbies have the same problem
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    Just carry on with what you are doing and knock it up as you need it more $$ outlay otherwise
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    Hello, my name is jessie I'm from central NY ive been tattooing for only a year outside of my apprenticeship I'm between shops at the moment looking for a new place to work. I am here for some advice because im still fairly new to the industry. Right now I'm trying to bulk up my equipment thinking about switching to rotary machines suggestions and any advice is welcome.
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    He could always wear a burka, they’re fashionable at the moment....apparently!
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    Maybe some more light bulbs 💡to brighten it up a bit. 🤣 lol, I fuckin crack me up sometimes! 😂
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    haven't posted in a while. recent one.
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    Invisible ink? That makes sense ..... to hipsters who want to follow trends. why would you pay ( good money, as I assume the artist would still charge a decent rate! )for a tattoo only to have it disappear ? 🤔 Pretty sure that you will die penniless AND stupid, but that's just my personal opinion 😂
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    Draw, take a blood born pathogens and communicable disease test, proper sterilization. Rubbing alcohol is not used for sterilizing tattoo equipment, needles etc. Stay away from those Chinese kits on ebay and amazon, those inks are not good for the skin. Research research research. Do not rush out to buy a kit for $50 because it contains everything and tattoo your wife or brother. You have to crawl before you can walk.
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    There is nothing wrong with pelikan ink im not dead yet and neither are millions of others with tattoos i have both pelikan and talens in my body and they say both shouldnt be used ive even got the 2 mixed together as it makes for great black and grey pieces bring back the days of pre internet when everyone just got tattooed and didnt worry about it
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    What a joke, did laugh however at the names of the people doing this... Dolyttle and Seamore,do little work and see more cash! Fuckin scamming cunts, go out and get a real job ya ponce bastards and don't try to coin in from others hard work and effort, by the way the sugar skull on your page looks like it was done in a kitchen, so who are some of these other 800 artists that will be featured in your "great book scam"?
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    I usually have twisted vines, leaves and small buds throughout the background in floral sleeves. I make a flowing pattern that carries through the whole design with the vines. The small colored flowers would look good, too. My criticism of what you already have is that it lacks texture. The leaves and stems have the same line weight and smooth shading as the petals. And the roses are somewhat randomly shaded. What you have is a good start, though, and can be easily refined.
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    All he is saying is post them in the same thread it will also be easier to find them instead of letting some drift down the ladder fair play for posting them though nice to see new content on here
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    how about you just keep these in one thread. Tattoo-related it may be; but it's still coming off as spam.
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    aaron cain you must be lol
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    if youre that concerend, i dont blame you but you must know that this tattoo was destined to fail. you have to go bigger ....cover this up and start over would be my advice. no one can effectively create a detailed world map tattoo this small with the tools required that will last any reasonable amount of time. plus if you go bigger italy will be more pronounced amongst other important details. ... just my two cents
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    http://imgur.com/a/ they're is brand new and after a week picture, the doves look good but as it's starting to heal there beginning to blend in with the background is there something that can be done to the doves to make them stand out a bit more
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    Not at the posted one obviously lol
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    no offence, but if you go to buy a bottle of whiskey, then tell the shop keeper, I have a dollar... is like you re jerking his chain. not sure who was rude to whom here. how much d you think he would profit, deducting supply expenses (clip cord covers, machine covers, Vaseline, blade, napkins, bandage, stick tape, Vaseline, tongue depressor, grips, needles, disinfectant, stencil, ink, ink caps, rent, electricity, and his time, from those 15$? I sometimes wonder if these posts are intentionally written to get us going..
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    If it's not covered then it's not a coverup, more like a 'disguise' to take your eye away from the name. It's your job to explain to people what is gonna work and what isn't!
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    Just an idea if you guys want to. I'll start this thread. Post your skribbles and doodles in this thread. You know stuff you just did during you lunch break, cigarette break or whatever. Typically just random crap that might inspire someone else. They don't even have to be completed, shit, post a napkin drawin if you want. Here we go, quick one I did at lunch
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    I wouldn't mind being a moderator if you need them.
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    Feel free to send us any comments, suggestions, or general feedback on this forum. Recommend new categories, shower us with praise, or discuss how we can improve this community. Our goal is to make this the best tattoo community on the web. You play an integral role in our development and your ideas help us achieve this goal!
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    Everything you've shown here is sloppy, not well thought out. Unrefined, and I can tell you're not using good art as reference. again, you say you dont need to study anatomy, however, every sketch you've posted has a character subject, which are poorly done. Take the image above. The eyes arent spaced properly, nor shaped correctly. Also, the face is dead, expressionless. these things won't correct themselves with time. You need to study imagery to see whats right, and to see whats wrong with your work. You obviously like your own work, which is great if this is your hobby, but if you actually want to tattoo and compete on a professional level, you need to ditch your feelings, and realize your art sucks (cause it does)...onlyn then will your eyes open, and you'll begin to improve
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    Looks like you're trying to flog a dead horse with this one Adam! Lol
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    as someone who has been through this, self taught/full-time job and was successful in crossing over and getting a permanent 6 day a week chair in a studio, only to give it up to go back to appointment only from my home studio, I will say this, make sure u keep the fun into it. yeh it takes a lot of action an time will be sparse but it shouldn't be a struggle, that will only make it harder, truly enjoy the time spent doing it an things will b much easier. after all, we do this coz we enjoy it. I reached wat I thought I wanted, went thru the "struggle" to get there, put in the "work" only to realize it had become a job, and I wasn't enjoying my full-time position. I quit an now only work from my own studio, and I love it again. I do about 5 decent pieces a week, I run my own schedule. I also have a regular job on the side, which while sometimes tedious, allows me a guaranteed income and also motivates me to become a better artist an tattooer, but bottom line is I enjoy it again. in closing, keep the love in it people, its not worth the "struggle" if u end up hating it...
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    I think that there is always the risk that this will happen to everyone... When this happens to me, and I sit down and really think about why I really feel this way, I look back at the art I have been making most recently. Usually I discover that the art I have been making although it may be great, is uninspiring to me because the subject matter is not something I really care about anymore. Maybe I did once, but it isnt really relevant now. Its easy to become caught up in a style, or a subject, or a medium etc especially when you are good at it, or passionate about it or curious or whatever. But old habits die hard; and its easy to let your passions/curiosities/talents become habits that you stick to long after the source of the habit has died: ie the original passion or curiosity etc. I find that when motivation fails the best thing for me to do is read the news paper, search the web, watch ther news and find out what is happening in the world. Don't look for anything in particular... don't try to avoid looking at things you were previously passionate about either... Just take in the information and start to bserve your reactions to events. Take note of what makes you react the strongest; what makes you feel the most. Don't restrict yourself to just current events and reality either, go and observe art from other mediums. Mediums you don't use yourself. Go to an opera, go and see a play, watch a movie, see a jazz band. Go to a bar you never go to and meet some new people. Basically go out and seek out new experiences; break your habits; and keep doing so until something makes you feel very strongly. Use this feeling to make art. Art is about how you feel... If you feel lazy and bored and dull; you have two options: 1) Seek out new experiences to reinspire you; or 2) Make art about being bored and uninspired and dull Draw pictures of yourself staring at nothing with drool coming out of your mouth or something hahaha Make fun of yourself and the situation... Don't take it or yourslef so seriously.. You will usually find that this humorous disassociation is all you need to get you going again!!!! Good Luck
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    It's that brown tape used to close boxes from back in teh day and ou have to get it wet in order for it to get sticky.
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    Hmm only 80 views I see people on here asking for tutorials for watercolor and this guy is a a top in his field