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      THIS IS A SITE FOR ARTISTS, NOT CLIENTS (Please read before posting)   04/18/2018

      I'm seeing a lot more questions from people who are looking to get tattoos, asking about ideas, healing instructions, etc. These are questions you should ask YOUR  LOCAL TATTOO ARTIST, not random people on the internet. This site is specifically for tattoo artists and those looking to get into the trade by way of an apprenticeship. Don't be shy! Google local artists and drop by a shop or two, check out their portfolio of work and talk about your ideas with a professional who can help you achieve the best tattoo experience. 

       Thanks for reading!


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    tattoo blowout is generally the artist penetrating the skin too deep or at too much of an angle, unless you have had a substantial bump to the tattoo area then the blowout was most probably the artist, note tho that the skin does bruise too around the area being tattooed, and tends to look like a blowout, this generally goes away within a few weeks. the area on the skin plays a role too, looks like yours is on your upper back across the spine, the change of areas on the skin without adjusting hand movement could mean deeper penetration in some areas than others, hope this helps
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    I was a bit confused there and looked for the ‘crescent shaped part’ with raw skin!🤔. I’m guessing that it’s the part right in the centre of the rise that you are referring to?... that part never had ink in it in the first place as it’s representing a fold on the front petal ! 🤪 maybe you were a bit too stoned or pissed to notice when you got it done or maybe you didn’t even remember getting it until a few days later and that’s why it looks so dried out, a bit like how a dog shit goes white in the sun 😉