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    Wow, you have some great drawings! I'm brand new here too. Thanks for sharing and good luck finding an apprenticeship.
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    Cheaper to get it laser treated in my opinion,at least that will lighten it whereas you’ll be paying an hourly rate for a tattooist to blast over it which may or may not work or may need a few sessions and then it’s more money! Just my thoughts on it 🤔
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    That's because when you are tattooing yourself you tend to have habits of slowing down your machine, which hits the spot more and saturates better, because you are hurting yourself and can feel it we don't feel the pain that we are putting on people and don't have an issue passing a line through someone's pretty rib cage but try that on yourself, nope. I simply think tattooing yourself and someone else is different, my legs are complete trash from my beginner days and I would hate to tattoo myself now, don't base your level of skill off of what you can do on yourself.
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    Wear a head lamp when you tattoo no matter how good the lighting is from above different angles cast different shadows and I also wear reading glasses to magnify the area so I can closely inspect my saturation, you can usually tell if the ink will stay when you are done with the piece and the lighting in this portfolio picture is doing a lot of the contrast for you, maybe this was one of your first great pieces and you were focused on getting it to look just right idk but make sure its in there, be confident and pack it in, you can always go back and put it in a bit more if you are working with coils they are much more forgiving, this happened to me on my first portrait piece, a little less forgiving as a subject matter but you have a lot of play room in a piece like this so don't be scared to put it there, check out your line on your nose is in there because you single passed it with confidence, play like that when you shade and this was color packing so pack it in, your machine should be bogging like it does with your lines, that or check your after care method, I figure if Mario Barth can rock intenze I can too so I use a lot of that ink and have no issues with it ever, dynamic is a good brand too also keep in mind contrast, you would have that contrast if you had more lines than the nose in the piece, like you definitely want to outline the eyes because you want that to stand out, if you didn't outline the top of the skull I would have chosen dark purple over a bright red, knowing that bright reds are like that idk hope some of this helps at all though, try healing with only aveeno lotion and dial soap too no ointments or petroleum's.
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    check out burne hogarth books. the best books i have ever read on the subject. explains the techniques used by divinci and others of that nature. makes alot of sense if you pay attention to every word. find myself learning something new even reading it four or five times over. has a book on dynamic anatomy, dynamic figure drawing, drawing dynamic hands, dynamic light and shade (a must), and dynamic wrinkles and clothing.