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    Get some 5B, 2B, and HB pencils and a kneaded eraser. Find a simple object. Put it on a table. Shine a light on it. Draw it to the best of your ability. Find different objects and repeat the process thousands of times. So that's the moment I realize I'm an ancient relic, huh, guys? Never even thought the first step in learning to draw would be sorting out youtube videos on how to use photoshop. I am shamefully old
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    I wouldn’t dare David! I’m really hurt that you would even suggest such a thing 😪
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    You got a response of, "don't exfoliate at all". After you explained that you don't until it's fully healed, the follow up explained how a lot of people come on here and don't really read through entire posts (with a little joke added about you should assume your audience may not be that bright). Not really "chastised", I'd say. After which you could have responded with one of those little winking smily faces. But you didn't; and this is a quiet forum, so now we're just seeing where this will go just to keep it lively. Your turn ;P
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    Re-fucking-lax. There's usually a certain amount of jest amongst tattooers on this forum. My input would be: you put too much shit on your tattoos. Just let 'em heal by leaving them alone. I think there's a safe room here somewhere if you need some cocoa and a support animal after Mark's horrible tongue-lashing.
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    I wouldn't mind being a moderator if you need them.