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      THIS IS A SITE FOR ARTISTS, NOT CLIENTS (Please read before posting)   04/18/2018

      I'm seeing a lot more questions from people who are looking to get tattoos, asking about ideas, healing instructions, etc. These are questions you should ask YOUR  LOCAL TATTOO ARTIST, not random people on the internet. This site is specifically for tattoo artists and those looking to get into the trade by way of an apprenticeship. Don't be shy! Google local artists and drop by a shop or two, check out their portfolio of work and talk about your ideas with a professional who can help you achieve the best tattoo experience. 

       Thanks for reading!


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    Nothing beats a good dry humping not even a reach around first
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    tattoo blowout is generally the artist penetrating the skin too deep or at too much of an angle, unless you have had a substantial bump to the tattoo area then the blowout was most probably the artist, note tho that the skin does bruise too around the area being tattooed, and tends to look like a blowout, this generally goes away within a few weeks. the area on the skin plays a role too, looks like yours is on your upper back across the spine, the change of areas on the skin without adjusting hand movement could mean deeper penetration in some areas than others, hope this helps
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    I was a bit confused there and looked for the ‘crescent shaped part’ with raw skin!🤔. I’m guessing that it’s the part right in the centre of the rise that you are referring to?... that part never had ink in it in the first place as it’s representing a fold on the front petal ! 🤪 maybe you were a bit too stoned or pissed to notice when you got it done or maybe you didn’t even remember getting it until a few days later and that’s why it looks so dried out, a bit like how a dog shit goes white in the sun 😉
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    Overall, not a bad start; just has room for refinement. There's a few places where the shading doesn't meet a line. Could use more shading going around the side of the skull to give it more form. And the one piston needs to be darker to separate it from the skull. I have a hang up about illustrated objects have to be able to exist in three dimensions. To that end, those pistons couldn't really be set into the eye sockets at that angle. BUT, I've seen a lot of great tattoos whose imagery defies perspective; so my personal hang up may be to my disadvantage.
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    thought it would be nice to show you guys some of my machines ive collected over my time tattooing here thay are!!! in order as if you was reading 1. scot sylvia henry 2. todd hlavaty (saved this from ebay it had been given cheap crap tiger coils from china) cost £45 3. early irons wrap around 4. another early irons 5. tim hendricks black widow 6. bought this from thomas hooper. he seems to think it was built by a guy called redman. great little machine wish i new more about it 1. mike drexler model 2 2. mike drexler (early machine dont know what model) my personal favourite shades like a fucking dream 3. mike drexler model 3 4. rick saviera 5. jeff srsic. ( works at red letter one. best attention to detail in his machines. bar none ) 6. another srsic 1. one i built up myself out of parts . frame from bob coils and binders from hm tools and dye 2. bought from a russian dude who visited my old place of work. doesnt get used its to heavy and yes i do need to trim that spring down 3. my old sharpz t dial . i blued it and fucked about with it its my first good machine and has sntimental value but never gets used anymore 4. seth ciferri machine that needed saving from e gay. it was beat up but im bringging her back to life. ( will post it up when shes done ) 5 & 6. two old machines i belive were made by tony lynx. asked lal hardy and lionel tichner but neither of them could be sure and were both baffeld by them. hope you like em
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    There really is no need to market to people who are tattooed the ways it is done is facebook instagram websites magazines and to my mind the best which is word of mouth no fancy analyst with graphs is going to mean shit to a pirate just shows someone has roo much time on their hands the market is so flooded now the only way to survive is be better than the next man in the street and that means putting out good ink not by putting up marketing bullshit in the window why pick tattooing anyway there is plenty of other business out there that would probably love all this white collar stuff
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    Should have picked up that you didn’t like the way it looked when the stencil was put on! Anything musical (guitar, harp, flute) could be put there as the ‘main subject’ to take the eye away from the music notes. But you obviously did t put too much thought into it in the first place , hence you landed here , go back to the artist who did it and ask him for suggestions as it seems to have “meaning” for you which you have probably told him so he should know your story ( cos every tattoo needs to have a meaning these days ...right!) scatter some more smaller music notes around your new ink and it should look better
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    Mark! I found something that is almost an exact fit to the profile! The tail is a little off, but it's possible that the artist changed it up a bit. The kids are really happy with it and that's what matters! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my message.
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    Feedback, Suggestions & Recommendation Questions, comments, feedback about this forum. Love letters also accepted. ..... and post all of your "what should I get tattooed on me" questions here so complete strangers can make your permanent decisions for you. OR, scroll down just the tiniest bit to find the appropriate category for stupid question placement.
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