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    We use eternal and i love them as well as another artist here who is more prone to black and grey realism
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    Or all of the above lol
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    Sounds like you have a good start on most of the latest trends, follow on with an infinity symbol morphing into a flock of bird 🦅 silhouettes with a mandala at the centre in white ink 😉 and get get it upside down because it’s for YOU 🤣
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    You are not ready for your next tattoo if you were you would know what you want
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    You could ask an admin if you can find one lol i dont know alot of newbies have the same problem
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    Just carry on with what you are doing and knock it up as you need it more $$ outlay otherwise
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    I'm looking to get my first tattoo and very excited to get it but I'm not sure of location. I know I want something like the picture below (just a B&W outline) and ideally I'd have it on my forearm BUT because of my job I think this isn't feasible - I'm a teacher and often roll my sleeves up! I was thinking upper arm somewhere but would inner or outer bicep be better? Or should I be more daring and think about somewhere else? Any advice for a first timer is very appreciated!!!
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    Hello, my name is jessie I'm from central NY ive been tattooing for only a year outside of my apprenticeship I'm between shops at the moment looking for a new place to work. I am here for some advice because im still fairly new to the industry. Right now I'm trying to bulk up my equipment thinking about switching to rotary machines suggestions and any advice is welcome.
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    Waverly Bluebird for wash. Waverly Dark Black for dark fucking black