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    Probably because a few of us have been there. Although that was a long time ago when this place was jam-packed with others in the same boat and would chew each other out especially when it came to stuff like sanitation, the fact that some people’s idea of a tattoo is a hand drawn snake that resembles a worm with a tongue done in a bedroom or on a sofa with the cat usually in the background somewhere, playing with the leftover burger ,just doesn’t sit well with a group of people who are basically busting their asses to get into a shop, hence the flaming that goes on.
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    Start at the begining spauldings book first then work up from there it is still relevant today plus its history
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    Only book to my recollection that mentions ‘gun’🔫 would be eikons ‘machinegun magazine’ but that’s just me splitting hairs and uncle google had problems finding tattoo gun books and tattoo gun builders....Welcome to the forum and if you’re gonna search the archive it’s easier to find stuff to do with your guns if you use the term ‘machine’! Just saying 🤔
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    quick little sketch before sleep :p
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    Looking after Your New Tattoo Well, now that my part of the work is done, it is now up to YOU to get the best from your new tattoo so if you follow these general guidelines for aftercare you shouldn’t have any problems with it……… 1. Go home and have a hot shower as soon as possible, washing the tattoo carefuly with normal soap(this will open the pores and let any blood/plasma be washed away) .Just before stepping out of the shower, turn the hot water off and run cold water only on it for around 10-20 seconds (this will close the pores back up)DO NOT RE-COVER YOUR TATTOO 2. Pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel, Do not rub it dry. Let it breathe uncovered for 15-20 minutes before applying a light smear of Bepanthen, savlon or pa-paw ointment. DO not use Vaseline or any other petroleum based products as these can lift the ink out.! DO NOT RE-COVER YOUR TATTOO 3. After around 3-4 days it will start to dry out and form a scab…Do not pick the scab. 4. Around the 6-7 day mark it will start to be itchy…Do not scratch it, give it a light ‘slap’, this will make the itching subside 5. Around day 10 most of the scabbing will have gone and it will look flaky and shiny, this is when it itches most… Do not scratch it!!!! 6. Keep your new tattoo out of direct sun for at least the first 3 weeks or until it has healed properly. Sunlight is a tattoos worst enemy and will make it fade. 7. Avoid swimming in chlorine pools or salt water (pools and ocean)…remember fish shit in the sea and you wanna dip a nice new tattoo in there!! 8. Keep it clean during the healing time by washing it regularly preferably with an antibacterial pump type soap (eg Palmolive/dettol) 9. Do not let your friends touch it/poke it/lick it ,as it is an open wound!!! 10. REMEMBER….. MY WORK IS DONE , IT IS NOW UP TO YOU………. Thanks or choosing me to do your tattoo, I do my best to tattoo you in a hygienic and safe manner ,as you will have noticed, all my utensils are of the disposable kind (needles, tips ink-cups) I hope this makes up your mind as to who is going to do your next one!!! Any problems with your new tattoo, please call me……. Iain Mac 0418572227 ------------------------------------------------------ THIS is the aftercare sheet I give to everyone some may agree and some may not but this is MY method and it hasn't let me down yet! Mac Mac