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    Get some 5B, 2B, and HB pencils and a kneaded eraser. Find a simple object. Put it on a table. Shine a light on it. Draw it to the best of your ability. Find different objects and repeat the process thousands of times. So that's the moment I realize I'm an ancient relic, huh, guys? Never even thought the first step in learning to draw would be sorting out youtube videos on how to use photoshop. I am shamefully old
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    I wouldn’t dare David! I’m really hurt that you would even suggest such a thing 😪
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    You got a response of, "don't exfoliate at all". After you explained that you don't until it's fully healed, the follow up explained how a lot of people come on here and don't really read through entire posts (with a little joke added about you should assume your audience may not be that bright). Not really "chastised", I'd say. After which you could have responded with one of those little winking smily faces. But you didn't; and this is a quiet forum, so now we're just seeing where this will go just to keep it lively. Your turn ;P
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    Re-fucking-lax. There's usually a certain amount of jest amongst tattooers on this forum. My input would be: you put too much shit on your tattoos. Just let 'em heal by leaving them alone. I think there's a safe room here somewhere if you need some cocoa and a support animal after Mark's horrible tongue-lashing.
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    Don’t know about ‘‘accepting new things” as they don’t seem to be slow at copying anything that is “new” or in high demand,(electronic gear/TVs/phones)although the quality is vastly inferior I definitely wouldn’t say they are backwards in that way. I would just say it’s all down to their ancient customs and traditions which keep them from moving forward and keeping up with trends like tattoos and wearing your pants under your arse cheeks 🤣
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    I married one, once upon a time .... it wasn’t a dragon when we first met.... blah blah blah..... killed that dragon and lived happily ever after 😉
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    Want a penis tattooed on you? Realistic or traditional?
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    I wouldn't mind being a moderator if you need them.
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    Well, achieving something on paper is totally different than skin. Completely different technique all together. When you're tattooing realism, you'd have to be mindful of this fact and understanding that its a different medium. Just like you can't erase with paint, its a different technique of applying the medium. Like with the different size mm pencil being different needle groupings, they may resemble one another, but they act completely different and even the same pencils in someone elses hands can have a completely different effect. It may be a 7mm pencil, but that 7mm point can be worked in several different ways. So to even compare 1 pencil in one's hand to the same exact pencil in another's hand could bare the difference of night and day. Therefor comparing a pencil to a needle would have an even larger set of differences. Manipulating the point of the pencil is a large factor of the tool which you can't do with a needle. The needle has a consistency which you have to work harder to maintain on a pencil. IMO, I wouldn't worry too much about the tattoo aspect of portraits until you're completely comfortable with general portrait work. Once you have a good grip on your portraits, a lot of your questions will already have been answered. The guide lines would be your stencil. If you make your stencil stuff or buy it, you'll have a stencil that won't come off and you won't need to blood line much, if anything. But again, everyone is different. The bottom line is, 2 different mediums which will have 2 different end results and are approached in 2 different ways for different reasons.