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    A contest?! 🤔 lol 🤣
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    Waverly Bluebird for wash. Waverly Dark Black for dark fucking black
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    yeah I realized that after posting that it was an album cover, looks like shit to me but im a grumpy old git apparently. Try drawing something original that's within your capabilities,I seen your rose and you even made that look painful. take smaller steps and you'll get there in the end. After I read your post on the sublime sun thing I got a bit worried when you said you were ready to stencil it......please tell me you're NOT gonna transfer that to stencil paper to tattoo on someone?
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    The concept is there but it needs to be more symmetrical it just looks like a lop-sided doodle and the moustache thingy is way off. Nothing wrong with using a protractor ,a glass or a plate for a circle if it’s gonna help 😉
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    Darker skin = stick with clean colors and be aware that they will heal significantly muted. So if there's going to be green on your tattoo, the tattooer will probably use a bright green that will heal looking like a darker, leaf/olive green. Yellows look mustard, reds look like brick (relatively)
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    I swing the machine around every which way; so the exact positioning of the grip in your hand won't really matter once you're working out an actual design. Whatever helps you keep the tip stable without applying a death grip is the right way to do it.
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    He could always wear a burka, they’re fashionable at the moment....apparently!
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    Not enough "awww, you poor thing" from us, I believe. Not everyone can grow a decent beard, Mac. You may have upset him with that.
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    Maybe some more light bulbs 💡to brighten it up a bit. 🤣 lol, I fuckin crack me up sometimes! 😂
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    hi dave, apologies as only saw this now.. yes, there is.. it s gonna be part of a whole sleeve. will see how it healed, and pump up some contrast too..
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    So this is a tattoo you applied, and an unfortunately poor application. The shading on the body is no good, but some of it's fixable. Looks like you're working with three tones: black, medium and skin. There's no actual shading on the body to show form, just an attempt to show the striations in the muscles with one grey tone and an 8 round. The other shading is jet black; giving him the world's skinniest foreshortened forearm and a wonky floating drop shadow under his fist. When it heals, the calligraphy background is going to show the thin outline in some spots when it should be "line-less" to appear as brushwork. First lesson in Tribal 101 is don't leave a gap between your outline and your fill.
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    you're work; or on you?
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    Get a few photos before and healed it will help diagnose your problem better
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    I like the dry heal personally but i used some ointment on my last piece to try it out
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    there goes..
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    haven't posted in a while. recent one.
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    7rl, 7mag, Kuro Sumi, One, Starbrite white Healed
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    There is nothing wrong with pelikan ink im not dead yet and neither are millions of others with tattoos i have both pelikan and talens in my body and they say both shouldnt be used ive even got the 2 mixed together as it makes for great black and grey pieces bring back the days of pre internet when everyone just got tattooed and didnt worry about it
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    Unreadable really does the first one say no fucks given? the first rule should be make it readable
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    I by no means claim to be perfect. But I can assure I work damn hard at what i do...this is my tattoo portfolio... http://www.brokenheartstc.com/Artist/Adam/adam_underwood_portfolio.html
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    Not having to study for art is the funniest and wrongest thing I've heard all day.