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    Not sure how a skull will help it but skin ripping tattoos hardly ever work. might be ok whilst there is white in it and fresh but a year or 2 down the line its pish
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    I didn't have boobs at the time of my chest tattoo; but now, closing in on 50, with a preference for good food and booze along with a job that has me sitting on my ass most of the time, I'd say Ive developed quite a nice set. But I'm a guy so exercise would matter. I take it your a woman (not an out of shape middle aged man); in which case no amount of exercise will maintain your breast tissue. They're gonna drop an wrinkle just like my nuts. So there's that. Get a design similar to a henna style, or lace. Those will move with your body and look good even if movement or posture distorts them. A "picture" such as a butterfly is just going to be twisted looking unless your standing perfectly straight. Besides, butterfly tattoo's are for your crotch, not your cleavage. And, most importantly, if you're just here to spam us with boob enlargement links, how about you just get some advertisements tattooed right across your nice new shiny plastic bubbles and walk around naked. That could appear really hot as well (to a teenaged boy perhaps)
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    Welcome what is the tattoo culture like in chile
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    Decent stuff. You need to let some of those tattoos breathe a bit, and leave some skin tone...like the edges of the rose pedels, or the left edge of the taco's sombrero. Remember, traditional tattoos are 30% black, 30% color, 30% skin tone, and the last 10% is wizardry/mojo
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    Just an idea if you guys want to. I'll start this thread. Post your skribbles and doodles in this thread. You know stuff you just did during you lunch break, cigarette break or whatever. Typically just random crap that might inspire someone else. They don't even have to be completed, shit, post a napkin drawin if you want. Here we go, quick one I did at lunch
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    Never assume that someone can't tell you your artwork doesn't look good because you haven't seen theirs. You are seriously doom in yourself to be mediocre at best. What happens when a client comes in wanting something you've never done before? "Oh, sorry, I can only draw ladies in a 3/4 view, so I can't do that, because I refuse to study that thing you want. Sorry, that's just how it is"?
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    I by no means claim to be perfect. But I can assure I work damn hard at what i do...this is my tattoo portfolio... http://www.brokenheartstc.com/Artist/Adam/adam_underwood_portfolio.html
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    Everything you've shown here is sloppy, not well thought out. Unrefined, and I can tell you're not using good art as reference. again, you say you dont need to study anatomy, however, every sketch you've posted has a character subject, which are poorly done. Take the image above. The eyes arent spaced properly, nor shaped correctly. Also, the face is dead, expressionless. these things won't correct themselves with time. You need to study imagery to see whats right, and to see whats wrong with your work. You obviously like your own work, which is great if this is your hobby, but if you actually want to tattoo and compete on a professional level, you need to ditch your feelings, and realize your art sucks (cause it does)...onlyn then will your eyes open, and you'll begin to improve
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    Your perspective is way off. If that girl is laying in the water, then the fish are all at the wrong angle, they look dead and floating sideways. Better use of anatomy, me thinks you traced the body. and left out the arms because you didnt know what to do with them. Face is okay, but still very flat, especially the eyes. The chrysanthemums only have the 1 tier of pedals, which look cheap, they need more pedals. Finger waves are bad. I know they are hard to draw, I studied (yes studied) finger waves, and filled an entire sketchbook until they began to work for me. And all the swirly background lines dont make sense, they are confusing
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    Not having to study for art is the funniest and wrongest thing I've heard all day.
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    Since you don't want critiques, I'll just say it's not good and leave it at that
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    Looks like you're trying to flog a dead horse with this one Adam! Lol
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    Well, since you got it all figured out, best of luck
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    Everything pal. You need to know the rules of anatomy before you can play with them, let alone implement them in your designs. Same goes with the anatomy of animals, fish, snakes, tigers etc...if the anatomy is off, it will not be appealing. And yes, this applies to tattoos as well, especially for someone focused on Japanese art. Since you used the word "bored" I feel inclined to take the gloves off and give it to you straight. Art is hard, and can be very boring at times. You're not nearly at any level to be bored with basic fundamentals in art. You are far from producing professional work, and everything you do right now should be practice...exercise. Yes, it gets boring and tedious, and thats what makes it hard. Can you honestly look at your drawing of the woman and baby and think "yep, looks great!"? You're not gonna be knocking out rad art until you gain some tools. That comes from studying
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    Boney called it...The artist who did it asked not to be named. Mind you, that was back in 07 at a time when the "learn how to tattoo" thing was a BIG no-no. However, I honor my wor dand will take that secret to the grave Quite honestly, at some point I'd like to revisit the logo/site design (skin) but that would cost money and time...and life is short
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    *huff* chicken, pot, pie *huff* those are my three favorite things. *haha* cool pieces.