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    Don t listen to mark he spends more time on this forum acting like a know it all and tries to shoot everyone down because he probably is a fucking loser, so it makes him feel good about himself.. mark101 tattoo god and knows everything about people by simply guessing...wow what's the point of being a dick for no reason? Respectively
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    Not going deep enough is usually the best guess but cant say for sure and i dont want to say go deeper. It can be simpler things, quality of ink matters...practice on fruits then try doing simple lines on your upper leg...but before all your machine needs to be tuned so it hits properly the right speed with the proper speed of your hand. Keep practicing until you get the feel for your machine. As you keep practicing you will start to understand the machine more and more and upgrade your equipment. U can do work with cheaper stuff yes, but quality machines are consistent and dealing with something that is going Inside the skin a mm with precision then it really matters...
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    If you're good at your craft, and sanitary, I wouldn't have a problem getting a tattoo from you.