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    🤷‍♂️ So you have a ‘plan’ but you don’t know what to get , but whatever you get has to be hidden, so you came here to get ideas?🤔 have you tried a google search for ‘forest tattoo’ ? why not get a nice unicorn 🦄 on your leg as it will fit with the ‘forest’ theme that you are aiming for. other than that suggestion you could always go into a tattoo shop and explain your predicament to an artist there...
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    I really love this forum, and want to start using it again - so many tips and good artists in here I've been tattooing for almost 1,5 year now and I'm so in love with my job! But sometimes I just find it hard to keep improving on my own (because at the moment we're only two tattoo artists at the shop and we're about the same level). I'm lucky though, because the shop regularly have some amazing guest artists, so every chance I have, I try to learn from them Anyway, good advices are more than welcome - here are some of my recent work. One healed lion (with small touch up) and a bunch of fresh tattoos. I really want to start getting my customers to send me healed photos of their tattoos, because I think they often heal too light (I'm working on making my tattoos darker).
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    You might get a better response from either a rotary forum or maybe a rotary Facebook page. A large percentage of guys here are dedicated coil users, I’m not saying there’s no one uses rotary here as I’m sure there are loads. The forum isn’t getting used as much these days due to other social media platforms taking over ( bit like the old chat rooms and that have all but disappeared)
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    Hey, same here. Ive done quite a few pieces on fake skin and oranges. My only problem is sometimes i blowout a line or have to do multiple passes to get the line just right. Im hoping I can learn from this forum and others as well! Cheers!
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