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    What tension you running at there is a few options
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    Because he is happy and its a funky friday feeling why didnt you get it onyour front so you can see itwithout looking in a mirror
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    Got it at Ace's High West Palm. I didn't realize he was on Ink Master until after I made the first appointment. I'm in love.
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    Nice, and you are sharing it with us because...? 🤔
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    Unreadable really does the first one say no fucks given? the first rule should be make it readable
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    lol - no not a new needle - when colouring you start with the darkest colour first - when it comes to changing colour - i have 2 polystyrene cups of water - dip the tip and let the machine run the ink out, when it is al out place it in the next cup of water and run again - llow all the water to run out before loading with the ext colour - you can also spray a little alcohol through the hole in the tip to get any excess ink out dont wipe the needle with paper towel - this can get stuck in the needle grouping and then go into skin causing infection - if you do wipe down the tip with paper towel - wipe away from the tip