Show and Tell

Submit and discuss pictures of member tattoos and tattoo work.

Guidelines for Giving Feedback

Please consider the following when giving feedback on a member's tattoo:

Line work: Does the artist seem to have grasped the technique of applying smooth, consistent lines? Do the lines flow with no shakes, skips or blow-outs?

Fill: Are all color and black areas a consistent color?

Shading: Does the tattoo show smooth gradients and transition effectively from light to dark?

Color Harmony:
Does the tattoo have colors that compliment each other?

Does the tattoo seem to be the right size for the area chosen? Is it centered and lined up with any other work? Does it go with the flow of the body?

Design: How well does the overall design work? Does it have sound composition? Does it feel well thought out?

Feedback: What areas could be improved?