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Peer-to-peer advice for the serious artist. This section is broken up into specific subforums. Please post in the appropriate section.

This site is no substitute for a formal apprenticeship

Disclaimer: This site is not a substitute for a professional apprenticeship with a licensed tattoo studio. Nor is this site a definitive source for learning the art or trade of tattooing. An apprenticeship is the ONLY universally accepted way to learn proper safety practices and sound technique.

While we welcome members of all levels, we STRONGLY advocate staying away from skin until you've received formal training from someone who works in the field. Hell, even hair stylists must complete over a year of courses, pass a state health board exam, and apprentice under a professional studio before earning a chair.

The trade of tattooing has a rich history and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. If you respect the art, please show your respects by learning the right way.

That being said, tattooing is not something that should be taken lightly. Not only is your work permanent, but if safe practices are not followed, there is the possibility of contamination and infection (and we mean the kind of diseases that really f*ck up your life). All opinions on this site are solely those of the author/member posting, and we accept no responsibility or fault for any damage or undesired consequences encountered by those following the guidance of ANY member of this board. We highly recommend finding multiple sources when seeking information of ANY KIND. When in doubt, go to your local tattoo parlor and get professional advice from a reputable artist.


  1. Techniques & Tips

    Section for all topics and questions relating to the process of tattooing. Including needles/groupings, inks, and any subjects related to technique.

  2. Equipment & Supplies: Machines & PS, Needles & Tubes, Inks, etc...

    Discuss Machine Parts, operation, tuning and maintenance as well as all other equipment and supplies relating to the process of tattooing

  3. Sterilization , Health, & Safety

    This is place to discuss proper sterilization procedures, Universal Precautions, and general tattoo safety. PLEASE NOTE: We advocate using ONLY disposable needles and tubes to protect both yourself and any clients. Any information found on this board is strictly the opinion of the member. You are strongly advised to seek professional advice on the subject of safety in tattooing.

  4. Builder's Corner

    Forum for machine builders to post their latest machine builds, share ideas and discuss the art of machine building. NOTE: This is not the place for selling.


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