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    Thanks for the welcome David. A little from column A a little from column B Haha Thanks
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    Are you an eater of pies or a baker of pies it makes a big difference lol welcome
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    More of a cake person myself; but welcome to the forum, anyway.
  6. Hey

    Hi there. I'm awful at introductions and small talk.. I have been an apprentice for a little over a year now, with about 6 solid months of work. Mainly traditional style as that is my master's forte, my preferred styles are realism and geometric. Them straight lines.. O.o Been lurking for a while mainly on setup and technique threads. This is a great forum with an abundance of wonderful pointers and information; I love it! I also like pie. That is all.
  7. tattoo ideas
  8. hello mate, here are some ideas from me
  9. hey guys i am new to the forum, i dig what you guys are doing here hope i can contribute my share in the future. I am working on a chestpiece recently, it is a full color realism piece. I have done a part on the sternum and i found out the skin is very delicate there, what is recommended to take notice when tattooing such areas? I get color packed in, but i can't finish the part due to overworking the area, so i am doing it in phases. It all goes well but i have to find a way to finish in one sitting. any advice? i will add pictures later as i have to resize the files in order to post. thank you!
  10. You will only get out what you put in. what are you doing when he/she is tattooing what questions are you asking when they have finished? being wierd about getting tattoos from someone else i can kind of understand if you dont trust them to be able to do it why are you working there?
  11. So I've been apprenticing for just under a year, (it'll be a year in april) and while I have been learning a few things slowly I'm starting to wonder if the person who is supposed to be teaching me is taking advantage of free labour. I've done the set up and take down, and reception and cleaning. He's only let me draw two (very simple) final stencils and I haven't started practicing on fake skin yet. I'm fine with being patient but I want more opinions on this. He also wants a certain amount in tuition every year even though I've already worked for him for free for a year. Is this normal? He's also weird about me getting tattoos from other people (when it was their specific style and he couldn't have done it) and I was wondering if you guys think this is a breach of etiquitte? What would you expect from your apprentice? What other rules do you have? Everyone I've talked to in person has had very non formal apprenticeships so I haven't had any help there. I just want to know what is the norm in an apprenticeship
  12. Hey guys. I figured I would create a new topic about Tattoo Conventions. I figured this would be a cool place to discuss upcoming shows and conventions that you previously have attended. Maybe share some experiences and pictures of some cool tattoos and things that go on at a Tattoo Convention. I would like to see what conventions you all have been to. Just to let everyone know, I work for The New York Tattoo Show. Our Tattoo Convention is seasonal and we have two a year in NYC and Long Island. Our Queens Tattoo Expo is The No Limits International Tattoo Expo. We also participate in a number of other Expos in the Country as well as in Europe. I would like to see where you guys have been. Let's get this list started!
  13. latest work.
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  15. Haven't tried the colours, but had the ultra black and the lining. Lack a few years ago and wasn't disappointed with either. Then I was pointed in the direction of Waverly dark black and haven't looked back. If the black Buddha colours are as nice as the black I would probably take a chance ( maybe see if they have a "sample set", just in case you either don't like them or they cause problems/ reactions on people🤔 just my tuppence worth 😉
  16. I generally stay away from anything readily available on E-Bay
  17. I have the 4 bottle, Gold Label grey wash set by Black Buddha. Im curious to see how the colors run as well. Anybody have any reviews on it PLEASE let me know. I abosolutely love the grey wash set. ALL tones are spot on in my opinion. Ive used alot of high quality ink through the years and would like to hear some reviews on the BLACK BUDDHA colors.
  18. Since we're total strangers, I'd say do what you'd like.
  19. .018" springs work well. May just have too much tension on them. Post pic's when you can.
  20. Hi - so I have a pirate pin up and I want to add much much more - I like anchors and hearts scrolls swallows ext but I don't want it just as nautical sleeve - am a bit stuck what to do next to carry this on Any suggestions greatfully recieved
  21. Hi - so I have a pirate pin up and I want to add much much more - I like anchors and hearts scrolls swallows ext but I don't want it just as nautical sleeve - am a bit stuck what to do next to carry this on Any suggestions greatfully recieved
  22. Just ordered a machine for color packing but it seems to go against what I want in a color packer it has 18 gauge springs front and back and hits really hard? The front spring is almost what you would consider a cut back which is odd to me in the concept of color packing I.e. slow and hard hitting? Any recommendations on slowing this machine down and achieving a softer hit to build layers would be much appreciated. I will try to post a picture of it's initial setup.
  23. A simple background will do the trick as well
  24. another option is to cover up both with a rose orsomething and throw a ribbon in the design (google rose with ribbon to see what i mean) and put the roman numerals in the ribbons in the new design....make sure its the same artsist cor both this time lol
  25. ya thats what i was saying the old one is blown the new one cant match it...the only possible way it could be fixed is by thickening the lines to cover the blown out old lines and then thicken the new one to match accordingly. hope that makes sense
  26. Good job, I like it.
  27. Or inside out hmmm
  28. 2nded if you are not 100% sure dont get it
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