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  2. Ratsnest

    Anyone tried any of the black and grey ink sets?

    I like Silverback washes personally , I have tried the eternal and hated it... and I pre-mixed my own as well
  3. Hello Everyone, I’m a mobile application designer who would like to propose a tool to be used to help connect artists and customers from around the globe. I am currently developing an android (soon to be on iPhone) app called that allows users to find tattoo studios based on their current location. Once they have found a studio, they have access to a few features such as: - Embedded Google Maps to know exactly where the studio is based - Able to view the artists Instagram feed from inside the app - Book appointments and consultations - View the latest news and updates from the artist - See testimonials from previous clients - Can view what tattoo styles you actually do to avoid any time wasters - Star Rating System to aid customers to determine the overall quality There are many tools and features I intend to add in the near future so its important to bear in mind this app is still in development. The idea of this app is to unify all tattooing needs to one singular app and give both small and large studios a level playing field when it comes to finding business. If you feel this is something you would like to be involved with then let me know. If not, I'd appreciate any constructive feedback. It will be free on initial release so if you would like a demo then with enough positive feedback, I will publish the prototype. Thank you for your time
  4. Hey guys... Right now im 20 year old,i made an appointment for a tattoo,there are a tatto that i really want(trcipes) All my family against tattoo..they saying there will.be no future and that is forbbiden beacuase the relgion.. Loking for some cheer up and to unload that..thx guys
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  7. mac_1au

    Traditional Floral Tattoo for men

    Peony and cherry blossom can both be pink, just remember that in Japanese style flowers there is no black shading! just ask uncle google
  8. Let's say I'm going to do a traditional japanese tattoo with a floral background, and the client wants lots of flowers with a pinkish pigment. But I'm afraid it would get too girly and the client might not like it. I've only been tattooing for half a year, and I have never encountered something like this before. maybe because I've never done florals on a male client before. Does anyone have some tips to give for this kind of problem? Is there some color pallets or visuals to make it more masculine?
  9. Wondering if there were any Harry Potter fans out there that have input for this question - what does the golden snitch mean to you after reading the series?! Is it a symbol of hope? Or desperation? Something in between? Let me know your thoughts.
  10. For sure. They ain't pretty but they still stood through the test of time Stinger: T-dial:
  11. Mortalkrillin

    First tattoo colour loss?

    I had to adjust the picture otherwise it wouldn’t let me upload one. Only allowed to upload 71.68 kbs. I don’t think it looks like crap. I’m concerned about the red colouring that was lost.
  12. mark101

    First tattoo colour loss?

    Dont blow the picture up so much all tattoos look like crap that way
  13. mark101

    Do tattoos fade with time?

    In 30 or 40 years you will probably be too old to care anyway lol
  14. As in my last post in the welcome if it works right for you dont worry about it those are "proper ones" from the pics can you put up better pics please so i can see them better
  15. mark101

    Wonder if I get any replies but hi!

    If it puts ink in without trauma it is set up right
  16. Mortalkrillin

    First tattoo colour loss?

    The bottom is the last of the scabbing. I was worried when she said that colours wouldn’t show on me because of my skin being darker. I think I will get it reworked or something by another artist in the future. Thanks for the input
  17. David

    First tattoo colour loss?

    Judging by the line work, it appears that your tattooer is a bit hit-or-miss with their application. And, unless that's a shadow, it appears that the red should be as it is at the bottom of the heart. The rest either fell out a bit or wasn't applied properly. Your skin tone is very standard. I've never tattooed an albino, so everyone that comes in is somewhat between tan and brown.
  18. It all depends how fast you want it to run !
  19. Space Monkey

    First tattoo colour loss?

    Colors will change. I don't know why your artist said to let it dry out because that is not a good way for healing. I have many tattoos from over a timespan of 22 years and they all healed perfectly and it's was by keeping it moistened. Use Bepathen, you don't need much just a thin layer as Bepanthen will go into the skin. When you skin is completely dry again apply a thin layer again till the scabs fall off.
  20. Mortalkrillin

    First tattoo colour loss?

    I got my first tattoos (2 of them) about a week and a half ago. One of them is a red heart on my wrist outlined in black. I’ve been washing them 2x /day with unscented soap. My tattoo artist advised me I didn’t need to moisturize the tattoo and that it’s best to leave it alone to heal. She did say if it’s cracking or really dry to apply a thin layer of unscented moisturizer. So, heart tattoo became very dry within 3 days and began to crack. I started using a thin layer of aquaphor once a day. It’s been a little over a week now and the scabs have fallen off however, the red is barely visible. My tattoo artist did say colour tattoos would be difficult because of my skin tone. I’m just wondering if colour tattoos will really be such an issue with my skin tone? (Because I really love colour tattoos and would love to get a bigger piece in the future) I’m about a medium tan colour. It just seems like a lot of colour loss to me but I’ve never had any tattoos and this is my only colour tattoo. My tattoo artist said she hasn’t done much colour work on anyone with my skin tone. The other is all black and I’ve had no issues with it healing.
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  22. That's what I thought but don't I need to place a shorter front spring so it goes a bit faster?
  23. David

    Wonder if I get any replies but hi!

    Welcome to the forum.
  24. Sting's the liner...or B&G shader....or color packer if you lose the cock ring.
  25. Sup, For a little background about me check out this post and do feel free to leave reply there too. A buddy of mine send me 2 oldschool Micky Bee machines, 1 t-dial and 1 sting. He told be it was a liner and shader, I tested them both and they just sounds awesome for machines this old and I generally like the old school machines and how they work, the parts etc I'm also in process in buying a frame and build one on my own just because I like the knowledge. Anyway. I thought I figured out which one was the liner and which one the shader. But after reading up on settings and taking a closer look at the details I noticed that they have the same coils, weigh about the same, have the same springs and armature. So it seems I need a shorter front spring for the liner. When looking at the build I think it's better to setup the T-dial as shader as I don't have that much room to set it up for a short spring however the shaders I've seen through the internet, the spring is positioned much higher than mine. I still have the nickle and dime distances between the spring and contact screw but the strokes are shorter than other settings I've seen, is this an issue? The sting frame is ideal to line as I got plenty of room with the contact screw, what size is preferable, 16-18? Thank you for reading .
  26. Space Monkey

    Proper Introduction

    Yeah get back! Don't let 11 years gone to waste
  27. Seeing this section and the board in general has become a lot less active over the years (shame really) I doubted to post an introduction but what the hell. Been a lurker on and off for many years and seen it was always newbie friendly. I've worked in many tattoo shops but not as tattoo artist but as body modification artist, so piercings, mods and most of the time also as floormanager. I've always had the dream to tattoo but every time I came close to getting an apprenticeship something would come up like, tattoo artist left, tattoo artist fired, I got fired, other kinds of drama. The tattoo/piercing community is quite tight especially in a small country as mine so there is lots of drama, hate and envy going on so at one point I was done with all of it and stepped out of that world. Now my 18 year younger nephew made some creations with his compass and east-Indian ink on his leg, needless to say it looks like shit haha but hey kids be kids. He knows I got tattoo supplies and asked if I could make it a little bit less shitty. Even though I have quite some knowledge about tattooing due to my past working with a lot of artists I explained to him that although I know a lot I have never tattooed on anyone and it's probably not the right choice to let it be done by me. Whatever I say I can't talk him out of it so thought, why not then. I know all the needles, ink, hygiene and a bunch of different techniques. So I agreed and it's good to see how it will feel to me that first time because I will know instantly if this is something I would feel comfortable with to chase the dream or not. However I have one question about a machine setup that I though I knew was set up right but after reading some stuff doubting now so will create an other thread on that. Thanks if you read this ;)
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