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  2. Tattoo Convention Survey

    Hey! I’m a PhD student in Tennessee conducting research on tattoo conventions! If you have ever been to one please consider filling out my 100% anonymous survey (you don’t even give an email address) that takes less than 5 mins! I would appreciate your help! https://utk.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8hQtH9OFA7KNyK1 Please feel free to share with your friends. I need 400 people to do this!! Live Long and Prosper, Sarah Frankel
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  4. Stretch Marks

    Thanks for that please call again and dig up an old thread
  5. Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks are caused because of rapid stretching of skin that results into scars and discoloration of skin. At Dr. Nivedita Dadu's Dermatology Clinic, Best Stretch Marks Removal in Delhi such as Dermaroller, Collagen Induction Therapy, Microneedling & Laser are very result oriented and cost effective. Her clinic provides best service which is not given by any other doctor in Rajouri Garden.
  6. New to tattooing and trying to pick up the basics after doing airbrushing for few years. Completely different I know. Been in engineering for 20 years and want to try go for something I enjoy rather than just doing a job to pay the bills. Hopefully get good enough to get a shop interested in taking me but seem to be shops everywhere nowadays. Have been practicing on fruit and skins ect but took plunge and started on myself recently. Not going to bad but still pretty shit bent over to tattoo my own thigh lol.
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  8. Penis tattoo

    Want a penis tattooed on you? Realistic or traditional?
  9. Hi

    Its not nice this one lol
  10. So I got a Black and grey wrap around tattoo on my leg for my second piece and I think it may be too dark and heavy on the shading. the parts that has skin breaks looks good but the parts that has the heavy shading is waay too dark for my liking. My artist said that it'll lighten considerably when it heals but i feel that i have a black blob around my leg at the moment. The Piece is 3 days old now.
  11. Hi

    If it does exist I can’t find it🤔 yeah the old one was a bit easier to navigate or maybe I was just too accustomed to the layout 😉
  12. Hey y’all!

    Hey there everyone! My name is Travis AKA GOAT. I have been an artist my whole life. I am 36 years old and I’m a disabled combat veteran of the war in Iraq. I spent 14 months in Iraq from 2003/04. I have always wanted to tattoo as a professional but my life kinda went off track for a while after the war. Ok..... maybe a little longer than awhile haha. I just want to get some knowledge and inspiration for new pieces I can use to put into my portfolio. I don’t want to be a scratcher and will soon be trying to get an apprenticeship here in Oklahoma. I know this will be a journey but I look forward to the challenges and achievements I will find on this path! Thank you guys for having me and I look forward to meeting y’all !!
  13. Hi

    I think I was last on here about 18 mos ago, so much has changed, once I get back to the Old Screen we will be good as the Old Screen was easier to navigate, does the Old Screen still exist..?
  14. I need ideas for new tattoos

    Long time no see....
  15. Tattoo Inquiry! HELP PLS

    Problem is there is no theme its just random animal pieces albeit very well executed pieces i would get rid of the stock market piece as well as its crap a sleeve needs to be spoke about at the very beginning of the consultation as i said you do have 3 very well done pieces so all is not lost go speak to that artist as he will have a handle on how to improve just admit you made a mistake he might help you out
  16. Hello community! I have been following this forum and I can see that there are some good artists right here. I need a recommendation: I have been working my sleeve this last 2 years or so. ´` My first tattoo was a really sick chess piece on my shoulder: https://ibb.co/ni0yLG So far so good... I think this is the part I screwed up. I'm a forex trader and I wanted something relating to trading so I got the wall street bull with a graph behind (my idea was that the graph got connected with the chess board, but the artist didn't got the idea I believe). Even that I like the piece individual by itself, it does not match with the chess board. This is the picture of the tattoo: https://ibb.co/ht3k0G My last piece that I absolutely love, I worked on it in my forearm: https://ibb.co/jYJUSw Maybe you can get the idea by now. I have been working on an animal sleeve in a full environment. I need one more piece to go on the other side of my forearm and I will have all my arm full, maybe i will just need a background. Now this is my inquiry: I kinda think I screwed it up. Im feeling kinda depressed. My tattoo's don't synchronize with each other. All together looks kinda weird. What can I do to save my arm and have a sick full arm sleeve tattooed?? please help me! Should I get laser on the graph that is behind the bull? Should I cut my arm? Or maybe I should try connecting all this pieces with a good background? If so what's your recommendation? Thank you!
  17. Penis tattoo

    Who will do a penis tattoo in fl ?
  18. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, My name is Tommy AKA Dozer, im the owner of Crank Tattoo & Piercing in SW PA. Hoping to meet some new artists and get some fresh ideas. Thanks, Dozer
  19. Tattoo Time Lapse Video!

    Hello, We're a team growing a YouTube channel that focuses on the art of tattoos! Feel feel to, like and subscribe to the videos, we will start streaming regularly soon! https://youtu.be/it51unKbi_s
  20. Hi all, I’m Noa, 41 years old female tattoo artist working in Israel and local ReelSkin distributor. My apprenticeship was back in 1997. In 2003 I stopped tattooing for a long time and started over about 3 years ago. I need a lot of help to get back on the horse so I put up a website for tattoo apprentices www.thetattooapprenticeclub.com in which I do not intend to teach how to tattoo but rather exchange wisdom and share paths. It has generated an amazing community. So I have a lot to give too:) I’m very excited to have found this forum, thank you for having me!
  21. First tatoo

    Will it looks as good as the white one? I dont know the artist personally there are few of them in the tatto studio.
  22. I have the same on one of my arms the artist went too hard plain and simple i know this as it was my daughter who did mine and when i told and showed her she backed off and the rest was fine as its part of a sleeve its repairable as its an area thats going to have fill in it anyway it taught her a valuable lesson that all skin needs to be treated differently in different areas of the body.
  23. I need help choosing an artist

    Cost should not be a factor imo however your link is pointless as they have asked for artists in toronto not Mumbai so all you are doing is trying to use the forum as a free advertising tool
  24. I need help choosing an artist

    Some important tips for selecting a good tattoo artist are: 1. First and foremost, check out a tattoo artist’s portfolio. 2. Check online for reviews and comments posted by the other customers. 3. Cost is a factor. Applying a tattoo involves a lot more than just creating a pretty picture on the body. So, always consider a professional tattoo artist like IronBuzztattoos or others for this amazing job.
  25. Hello Everyone

    Hii. My name is John and I am from India. I am here to get the latest knowledge about Tattoo making, Tattoo designs and yes, to share my ideas too.
  26. Hello Everyone

    Hii. My name is John and I am from India. I am here to get the latest knowledge about Tattoo making, Tattoo designs and yes, to share my ideas too.
  27. The top of the tattoo is fine. It’s the bottom, on the more delicate skin. On the other tattoo that’s at the top of my arm it’s only a small corner of it that looks bruised, the corner getting close to the underarm. If it is artist, like I said I’ve done “searches on google” but that didn’t yield much. Maybe I’m not searching the right things. But if I got something really bright & colorful, maybe that would be better?
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