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  2. Having a hard time tattooing darker skin tones.

    Check out Mario Barth on the tube!
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  4. My question is What is the quality of ITS/ iron workhorse Coils are they wind on bobbins? Got like 10 plus machines of theres and hate to take a set apart just to find out.
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  6. If you can't come up with an appropriate design, don't force it. Some of the worst tattoos are a result of, "I want to add on to this..." Not all tattoos qualify as a work in progress. Want a sleeve? Plan a sleeve, and get to work on the there arm.
  7. japanese sleeve ideas?

    I found a japanese sleeve tattoo design for my husband here http://inkprofy.com/koi-fish-tattoo-designs-with-meanings/ There are not only fish.
  8. So basically some time ago i got a new tattoo which was amazing to me at the time and still is but tbh i didn't really think it through good enough. Now it's time for a new one and i'm thinking of starting a sleeve continuing the tattoo which i have now and i'm stuck becouse i don't know how to approach it.. Lately i'm kind of into biomechanical tattoos, but if you have any ideas or suggestions at all please let me know. Cheers, Bracketz
  9. Rose Flashwork

    Rushed through the first rose didn't look good at all. This time I slowed down took my time.
  10. Greywash inks to try out.

    Waverly Bluebird for wash. Waverly Dark Black for dark fucking black
  11. Rose Flashwork

    much better!
  12. Greywash inks to try out.

    Hei! I've been mixing alot of my own grey washes, mostly use dinamic or zuper black. Also lately really enjoyed working with intenze grey was set, although very annoyed by the sizes of bottles. Before all that was working with kuro sumi grey wash, but dont like the healed look, also did my own mixing with normal black kuro sumi. And also not satisfied with healed results. I like dinamic overall and my zuper black for darkest and lightest parts. But was wondering to try out some new premixed sets. Heard a lot about silverback but confused a bit as some swear by it and others claim its getting too red while working and gets too light when healed. Any feedback would be appreciated! Has anybody, worked with eternal or fusion greywashes!? Any other suggestions!? Thanks in advance! Peace!
  13. Rose Flashwork

  14. Sublime Sun Lining

    This is a little older work but it's not really a flash style or tattoo work :/
  15. Sublime Sun Lining

    No I am just practicing right now. I don't normally draw roses either. I draw a lot of mushrooms and trippy things. Both the drawings have pushed me out of my comfort area of drawing and it clearly shows lol.
  16. Sublime Sun Lining

    Makes 2 of us lol
  17. Sublime Sun Lining

    yeah I realized that after posting that it was an album cover, looks like shit to me but im a grumpy old git apparently. Try drawing something original that's within your capabilities,I seen your rose and you even made that look painful. take smaller steps and you'll get there in the end. After I read your post on the sublime sun thing I got a bit worried when you said you were ready to stencil it......please tell me you're NOT gonna transfer that to stencil paper to tattoo on someone?
  18. Sublime Sun Lining

    This is the album cover
  19. Sublime Sun Lining

    The concept is there but it needs to be more symmetrical it just looks like a lop-sided doodle and the moustache thingy is way off. Nothing wrong with using a protractor ,a glass or a plate for a circle if it’s gonna help 😉
  20. Sublime Sun Lining

    Start again
  21. is my tattoo healing properly?

    Post a pic anyone can guess whats going on and could be 100% wrong
  22. is my tattoo healing properly?

    Same tattooer as your previous tattoos? Sounds like he just didn't go deep enough. The common concern is that dark skin may scar more easily than lighter. If this is a new guy, maybe he just doesn't get too much time working on dark skin.
  23. Sublime Sun Lining

    Sublime Sun. For now just lining until I throw some colors on it. Any suggestions or see anything that needs attention before I stencil it. It's a decent size.
  24. I just recently started my full sleeve and it's healing different from my other work. I got it a week ago today and it started peeling sometime during the week. The only issue is it seems all the ink came out with the dead skin. it's almost like you can see where the tattoo is but it is extremely faint. Im african american and my skin where that tattoo is located seems to be white/shiny or shades of my skin tone. Not raised nor sunk in, so I'm unsure if the color is deeper than the layer i currently have showing or if it's scarred. Any ideas what might be going on?
  25. Meet Shroomy :)

    Tattooing needs no science its tracing
  26. Rose Flashwork

    Use the light force
  27. Rose Flashwork

    Tried to fix it and basically fucked it all up. Think I am just going to have to start again completely with new rose.
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