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  2. just ordered the al brodeur s workhorse, but the wire shrink sounds like a good idea. sometimes it s not the bad quality of a clipcord, but my swivel chair / stool wheels going over the thin plastic around the wiring.. so that would help give better protection thanks mate
  3. Yesterday
  4. yah just was trying to work out a formula per size needle and job if that makes sense
  5. oh yeah. hell my 7 year old can tattoo then
  6. Dont need it only tracing and colouring in lol
  7. A wise man once said only a fool has himself as a client but your legs are the easiest to do it on
  8. whay about buying some thicker wire shrink tibe and a soldering iron and replace the old cord when needed? it would be cheap too. amd that soldiering iron will one day come in handy for your machine's as well.
  9. have you tried a bing image search ?😎
  10. do you have any artistic ability ?
  11. Last week
  12. Alright im in love with tattoos, i have a bunch and i really want to start tattooing. I will obviously use practice skin until i get comfortable and then ill tattoo on myself. But i want and need advice, i mean im watching videos and studying and all that. But id love to hear from all of you. What type of gun. What color brands do u prefer, how should i start, when i tattoos myself how should i start. All that. I will take all of this in to educate myself. I really want to do this. Thanks guys.
  13. I tried using my debit card the other day,it said it was invalid and wouldn't work
  14. I'm sure Fax machines are thermal unlike a dot matrix/ impact printer which will work with either hand draw stencil paper or thermal stencil paper.fax machines do work as I used one about 7 years ago but can be a bit of a pain in the ass to get used to reversing your drawing. Try hunting down a cheap 24 pin dot matrix printer it'll save you some heartache
  15. I had the same issue the other day
  16. thank you ,quick question. why can't inreply yo my other thread I started innthe q@a part? so no need a certain amount of post here 1st?
  17. dot matrix printer may be cheaper still
  18. hey guys. just wondering if a Brother 1270. fax machine will work to make stencils. I was told it don't take thermal paper bit it takes a ribbon ink. does this mean it will work becaise the ribbon needs to be pressed to the paper to make a copy? it's real cheap and can't find anything online. I may buy it anyways and risk it. thanks for the helo in advanced
  19. ...and out of the whole internet you found a skull with half a mask and a butterfly 🤔I think you never looked very hard!
  20. Sure i will look on google.. becuse i havent done that already... lol
  21. Thanks heaps David!
  22. .. im not here to answer some damn questions im here becuse i want some tattoo ideas.. THAT response is what makes you look like you're arrogant and the world owes you something, Buy some tattoo magazines or go to google images and type in 'tattoo ideas' I'm sure you'll find something you like or get an idea from, but to come onto a forum and ask "what should I get tattooed" is like stopping strangers in the street and asking them. Nobody except you knows what your tastes or preferences are and 99.9% of people can't read minds contrary to what you read on Facebook
  23. The thing is, i dont really know what i want :/ the tattoo he draw for me were amazing tattoos but not really "my type" thats why i need some ideas haha :(, if i find something that i kinda like, i can show him the pics and he will change some things if i want to
  24. go and find another tattoo artist tell them what you want and get it drawn up if you dont like it tell them what you want changed until it is right how you want it . no one will draw anything worth shit for nothing
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