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  2. Needs squashing lol
  3. My tattoo is a week old, and these little bumps started showing up around two days ago. I have no idea why. They don't smell and there's no puss. They aren't painful, the area is just itchy and red. Please help. There are also some little bumps on the actual tattoo.
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  5. I want to get a basic Alice in Wonderland tattoo on my calf - nothing flashy- is this design boring and dated?
  6. lowering pic quality as only allowed 190kb upload...,
  7. haven't posted in a while. recent one.
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  9. hate to break it to you, but that sounds like an alien is incubating / living in your body.. probably injected from a tattoo needle, starts to grow through your skin.. like in the Sigourney weaver movie... however, if you think that s not the case, it might also be just a simple skin irritation, clogged pores from either dirt or too much sweating / aftercare lotion. does it get excessively hot where you at? could be an infection / staphlococcus... an ink allergy... I m shooting in the air since I cant see what you speak of, but these may be something you may want to research or look up. a photo might do wonders - not sure if it s on the tattoo as well, or just outside of it. best advice, don't trust anyone on a forum... speak to a dermatologist. hope this helps.
  10. Okay, so my tattoo is a week old, and these little bubbles started showing up two days ago, and I have no idea why! They don't hurt, the spot isn't swollen or smelly, they just itch at some times throughout the day. Does anyone know why they are there? And if it's a sign of infection? They started growing away from my tattoo, and there are a few on it. None have popped, so I haven't seen any puss or anything. Thanks!
  11. Just try having a dog, it will be fun. He will not bind you at all!
  12. I know for some reasons that some people aren't ready on having pets because of the obligation they have and that will be always the right move for smart people. Because it cost you money, time and space. And who wants to reduce all that for just some animals?! But here's the thing, people who get pets are unreasonable, they would waste some money, time and space and they are willing to let the house goes beyond almost-redemption. Logically speaking, people who have pets are idiots, wasting their resource and giving out a portion of their Physiological needs. But scientifically and emotionally, people who have pets are the people who are calmer, the good decision makers, the leader of the pack, hard working and strong-willed. You will begin to wonder why is that? Because the attitude of certain people who have pets develop due to their pets.
  13. You are one hell right! I almost became a cunt too!
  14. Last week
  15. will never get a pet until i retire as they are a bind
  16. Hi guys, I want to open a topic about on how we treat our pets. Before dogs and cats or other animals were treated as ONLY AN ANIMAL, owners of pet would only give the physiologic needs of their pets which were good but far from better. Nowadays, pets are treated better than before. For example, the owners are giving importance to the health of their pets, they go to vet clinics for vaccination, sometimes they operated to the animals if need, owners spend more money for the welfare of their pets. I'm glad that the humans are now more open and fair to the animals. I hope that it will continue for a long time much better if it will last a lifetime. Maybe you could share some insights on how to take good care of your pets.
  17. I do understand it but you know there were reasons before that I was unable to keep my first made. The 1st reason is when you are in college you intend to lose everything after graduation and 2nd I think I lost it during hosting a party.
  18. Yeah, I totally agree with you. My friend got something in his brain that will let you think twice but in the end, it is not applicable.
  19. Factotum moved to 5 keys still in norwich
  20. Josh fisher in norwich is good at that style bear with me and i'll get webby details
  21. In the south or midlands area. Happy to travel really for the right artist. I'm based in Oxford.
  22. Where in the uk are you looking
  23. I really like the style of Piot Bemben in Poland. He creates amazing gothic/ victorian inspired tattoos with incredible detail. Can anyone recommend anyone in UK that is on a par with this guy?
  24. I really like the style of Piot Bemben in Poland. He creates amazing gothic/ victorian inspired tattoos with incredible detail. Can anyone recommend anyone in UK that is on a par with this guy?
  25. Some vets tattoo ears over here as id marks sure it goes on everywhere if you mean like tattoo a swallow on a dog or something then who ever does it deserves to be kicked in the bollox by a kangaroo
  26. Never get rid of first made machine bad karma
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