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  2. Shaking my fuckin head.......😫
  3. Hey guys so the picture on here is a tattoo that I currently have on my right forearm. Lately i've thought it was a little bland and i wanted to add something to it such as color and or more detail around it maybe. The only problem is I have no idea what to do. If anyone can give me some ideas on how to make this piece better please let me know asap!!! thanks. (This isnt the picture of the tattoo of my arm this is just the design that i used to show the artist. I didn't know how to get the pic of mine on here sooo.)
  4. the classic 1st post asking a question, and never posting again
  5. I do not have it anymore because I made that improvised machine like 10-12 years ago when I was still in college. I made it just for fun.
  6. Is that you in the photo? Because if you are you, you should know your own art.
  7. I mean putting a permanent tattoo. Because my brother is thinking to do one to his Pitbull, you know for him to make money out of his dog and I told him not to do it because he might face criminal charges for animal cruelty. As for my personal idea, it will be nice to put a tattoo to your Pitbull and make him look strong and savage but of course it is not the right thing to do.
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  9. Not personally but theres loads of dogs around here with tattoos lol
  10. Certainly doesnt matter what text it says as if you want text you wouLd get it to say what you wanted.
  11. Doesn't matter what it actually says. If you got text that small as a tattoo, that's about how clear it would look in a rather short while.
  12. That's a Japanese character.......
  13. I'm just curious if anyone did put a tattoo on animals before?
  14. I made one for myself.It's a mechanical ball with a dynamo (from a race care) on it
  15. does anybody know what that very very tiny writing says above inner strength and under the chinese letters, and/or if it is chinese writing or english or what language??
  16. Last week
  17. put some clothes on it and then try it what machine did you get
  18. Why bother google has everything
  19. This is the first machine I've bought with a (pitch) or slight angle on the deck. I have no bend in the spring yet and it runs smoothly unloaded. But I need a little more speed and force loaded. Any advice? The distance between the bar and the top of the coil is a dime.
  20. I am doing some market research for setting up my own tattoo design website, I would be very grateful if anyone could fill out my survey it's very quick and simple to do! Please only participate if you have already got tattoos! Thank you
  21. Just get along with them, see if you are having fun at least. Know her first before you judge her
  22. It looks different
  23. Hi guys, I'm Sisco and I'm the newest member of the crew. I do hope to get along with everyone and also would like to share my knowledge, skills and designs of my tatoo.
  24. Looks pretty cool, and what do the hieroglyphs mean?
  25. welcome to the forum. Your situation sounds familiar. Keep looking and learning. Ask a lot of questions and expect some cryptic answers
  26. I know of the book you speak of but no when I was typing that wasn't on my mind but I will sure do that thanks
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