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  2. David

    Help with becoming a tattoo artist please?

    Want to be a tattooer? Don't bother with the university education. You'e not going to do both, effectively
  3. Hi, so my situation is that I would like to become a tattoo artist, however I have some difficulties with following the traditional route. I would be happy to be an apprentice, however I am about to begin my first year at university studying graphic communication. I have been researching into any other possible way to achieve my goal in a legitimate way, but need some advice from those who are established and have the experience. ive found some courses, that seem to be intensive 2 week courses, and cost around £3000! would this be something that anyone would recommend? im open to any advice, thanks for reading :) xo
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  5. mac_1au

    Back Spring Issues

    Clean the tip of your contact screw with a bit of sandpaper to start. Did you strip the machine down? Re-assembled it with a wire touching the frame where it shouldn’t? are the springs set properly with the rear spring on the bottom ( under) the front spring?
  6. shadowwyrd

    Back Spring Issues

    Hey guys, I am a Junior artist located in Australia. I have been using a Mike Pike Half Cup shader since december 2016 and it has worked amazingly, I love using coils rather than rotary. However.. a week ago the bottom rear spring snapped, so I ordered two replacements (two in different sizes). I put it together perfectly, aligned it, etc and it looks exactly like it did before it snapped. However it does not run. I am not too sure what else I can do? Is it the machine itself? Its none of my other equipment as its working fine for my other two liners I have. But the rear spring on my shader is the problem. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to buy the exact spring from the Mike Pike selection? I dont think thats the case because when I brought it, another Junior Artist I worked with swapped the bar and springs for me. So I dont think thats the problem.. Any tips? troubleshoots? Even constructive feedback would be great. This is a great machine and I would hate to part with it because of a simple spring issue. Thanks!!
  7. Cupcake

    Looking for insite and advice

    I have to take over and manage a tattoo shop for a friend who's sick possibly terminal . There shop is in shambles and I am going in to manage the place and make it profitable. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to shop for better artists and how to bring guest artists to the shop. I am not a tattoo artists myself but I'm very successful in management and customer service. So anyadvise would be sold.
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  10. David

    Staying motivated

    Drinkin', whorin', and gamblin' usually fill up the time pretty good! Joking, of course (I'm too cheap to take up gambling). I have difficulty staying motivated, as well. If work doesn't come to me, I have a tendency to do nothing. To keep things interesting I use a lot of different media and have several drawings, paintings and sculptures going at once. If I'm not in the mood to continue one thing in watercolor I may be in the mood to push around some oils. And when I really just don't feel like doing anything I read biographies of accomplished artists. This doesn't really inspire me as much as it shames me into being productive.
  11. Some experienced Pet Bottle Preform mold manufacturers have solved this problem by using an embedding process that uses special soft cotton fibers sandwiched between an alginate mold and a gypsum shell. Since the alginate does not adhere to anything, embedding the fibers into the surface of the alginate prior to solidification of the fibers crystallizes the outer shell of the wet gypsum, which bonds when the gypsum solidifies. This process begins with the alginate retarder spraying the alginate surface to keep the alginate solidified and maintain its long enough viscosity to bond the cotton when it comes into contact with its surface. Thus, when the alginate is cured, the cotton fibers actually remain rapidly detached from the alginate itself. Then, with the plaster bandage set, the two materials sandwich the cotton fibers and lock the mold together so that the alginate and gypsum shell can be wiped off immediately. But no cotton fiber can do this. Most cotton is too tight to be fluffy and cotton fibers cannot be placed on the surface of alginate. We have found that veterinary cotton is the best material in this process, and we specialize in its excellent properties. Its fibers are very soft and easily embedded in the uncured alginate surface. When manufacturing large molds with alginate (dental impression material) - for example, face castings or torso castings, once removed from the mold, a master or shell mold is required to hold the alginate mold. This is because the alginate is rubbery rather than rigid and will collapse on its own. Alginate molds are used to make masters, or to use overlapping plaster bandages, or in a second technique, to impregnate cheesecloth with fast setting gypsum. Both methods are satisfactory. As a professional plastic mold maker in China, Jilian Plastics has begun to innovate and use special fibers. At the same time, we are also at the forefront of the industry in terms of equipment replacement. Our pet blowing machine are also welcome to come and buy.
  12. Another who learnt a little through this forum lol
  13. HundredDr4gons

    Staying motivated

    So I’m fairly new to tattooing but im in a shop full time. For me business has been slow mostly because I have only been doing tattoos on friends and people I know. I have been doing a lot of flash (recently sailor jerry designs) in my spare time. My question is what’s a good way to stay motivated in the downtime and what are some ways I can keep improving even when not able to do tattoos? Also I find myself getting lazy sometimes because when it’s slow one of my other coworkers at the shop doesn’t do much art wise and I think it’s rubbing off on me a bit any advice? btw I post a lot of my paintings on my Instagram feel free to check them out maybe give a follow thanks: @sg.artist
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  15. Sounds like she went in to other shops freaking out, and they were honest, like us. Nightmare client
  16. Hi all, im new to to tattooing world as i got my coil machine and practicing on oranges and learning.....i tattooed a freind and it went soo well....but something is wrong with the tattoo i gave to myself. It went ok and sharp then after a ten days the peel is still toooo thick....and the ink is spreading under the skin..... pics ar attached. i may missed to keep it mois all the time with petrolium jelly.....i dnt know is that an infection? But no infalimantion or germs sayings. i used 7RL Eternal black ink Spot: knee front as seen What is going wrong!? Thanks in advance
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  18. mac_1au

    Need inspiration for foot tattoo

    🤔 don’t you have google yet in your part of the world?
  19. Hi all, i want to add to the butterfly i have on foot i would like a beautiful flower and more butterflies, i feels it needs more Is it ok to see some of your work for inspiration? Hope that’s ok to ask? I would have added a photo of mine but file is too big 🤔 thanks
  20. Those lines set the pattern. He placed only a few where there will be dozens when it's finished. There is nothing wrong with it. It isn't a shame. It's the first session of a large, densely-packed design. It's actually perfect. I've always wondered how many people tell their friends that I do shitty line work after the first session of greylining a detailed B&G back piece. How many locals have you told about your dissatisfaction with this guy's work?
  21. HundredDr4gons

    New to tattooing and flash art

    Sorry guys I posted this topic a couple times.. my b
  22. HundredDr4gons

    Original flash

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I have been drawing and painting like crazy sometimes I fall into the category of almost copying someone else’s design but it has become easier to reference and make it my own design
  23. Panic

    Hi, folks

    Hi there, I'm an artist who's been interested in learning to tattoo for a really long time. A friend of a friend who is a tattoo artist suggested I check out this forum to learn a few things. Finding an apprenticeship is really difficult, as everyone knows. I really don't want to learn on my own, but I figured I'd look around, polish my portfolio some more, and find out more about what tattooing entails. I also realize that this site is also pretty dead, so if anyone has any other suggestions for places to check out, let me know. I'm open to any sorts of opportunities to learn anything, as I'm not that young anymore, and I would really like to tattoo as my next career move. Thanks for reading!
  24. Blow molding meets many of the demands of plastic blow molding. Inventors, industrial designers, manufacturers and others have been looking for ways to develop new products in a short period of time. It may be the speed required to drive your preform for blowing a Pet Bottle Preform. You may want to beat the market competitors and have no time to upgrade production tools. You may also need to know if the individual components of the component are really suitable and working. You can use blow molds quickly and relatively inexpensively. Most prototypes take longer than guaranteed, so you might even get some short products. You can get prototypes made of aluminum, pre-hardened steel or even non-metallic composites. Everyone has their own strengths and characteristics. Aluminum is the most commonly used material in prototypes because it is very easy to process and can withstand the blow molding process. Several mold grade aluminums are commonly used, such as Alcoa QC-10. This is an extraordinary material because it is relatively hard and can be processed very carefully with a conductivity four times that of steel. This conductivity helps to shorten the molding cycle. Another common choice for blow molds is pre-hardened steels such as P-20 or PX-5. These steels and other steels are widely used if higher yields are required, or if aluminum processing capabilities are not detailed enough. These steels are also easy to process, especially the PX-5. This steel is harder than the P-20, but is easier to machine and polish. There are also two commonly used pre-hardened steels: NAK-55 and NAK-80. These steels are very good, especially when polishing is required. The quality of many prototype blow molding products is much higher than expected, and material quality is the main reason. Working with blow mold designers and blow molds, pet blowing machine, your parts are easier to produce. This will greatly speed up and reduce your expenses. Barbs, side effects, weightlifting, etc. Will double the cost. It is often possible to implement the required components without having to have all the features that the final product may contain.
  25. HundredDr4gons

    New to tattooing and flash art

    So I’m fairly new to tattooing but im in a shop full time. For me business has been slow mostly because I have only been doing tattoos on friends and people I know. I have been doing a lot of flash (recently sailor jerry designs) in my spare time at the shop below is some examples of some recent ones. My question is what’s a good way to stay motivated in the downtime and what are some ways I can keep improving even when not able to do tattoos? https://imgur.com/gallery/rRNWTLQ https://imgur.com/gallery/rRNWTLQ
  26. mac_1au

    Bloodlining over blowup

    A blowout is usually caused by either going too slow and over charging the skin with ink or going too deep ( into the fatty layer of skin) this is why it spreads . So you want to either cause a pimple to see if it works by bloodlining it which means going too deep yet again 🤔 sounds like you don’t know jack 💩 just my opinion.!
  27. Near

    Bloodlining over blowup

    Seems weird but think about it for a second. Why it would not work, even a little bit ? I mean it is for a really tiny area. It's not gonna harm the customer.
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