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  3. Hi, we are Gabika. Gabika stands for two of us. We are working in graphic and illustration and want to learn a new skill. We are located in Europe. We are total noobs about tattooing and will try to steal all your knowledge about matter. English is not our native tongue so hope you will have patience with us.
  4. Thank you for the replies.
  5. Removal is only option to get rid personally id keep it and get an artist to work around it
  6. HI everyone, Venom Ink is a busy studio in Hindley, Wigan UK. We are looking for an experienced good all round tattooist to take up an opening in our studio. You must have a good portfolio of work and be able to commit. Email to Cheers
  7. Hi everyone, I'm pretty sure this is a common topic but I thought I'd give this a whirl. I have had the compass and dragon tattoo for about six years now and I'm honestly just not feeling it anymore. I'd like to make a sleeve on this arm. My question for you experts out there is that would it be feasible to cover up this tattoo with something new or would it require removal? I've thought of incorporating it into a sleeve but my imagination is a bit limited and honestly I had originally wanted a Japanese koi 3/4 sleeve. Nothing especially meaningful to be open about it. I lived in Asia for a number of years and really like Japanese art and architecture. Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated. The second tattoo is almost 10 years old, and I'm thinking of extending it to a half-sleeve with Celtic knots. Thank you!
  8. this position is a stand alone manager. not an artist or piercer. counterhelp that does the books, orders, shop paperwork etc.
  9. If that's what floats your boat then get it. your skin your tattoo
  10. Hi Guys, I have come up with this Hawaiian/Polynesian design for my shoulder. Can you please let me know your thoughts. Thanks. 2.docx
  11. why you said like that
  12. my favorite
  13. If you have to go to Pattaya, a good choice for tattoo shop in pattaya. pm me
  14. which one do you like ?
  15. Sounds good same
  16. great Idea !
  17. I thinks thsi's great !!!
  18. lol, are you sure ?
  19. Earlier
  20. Hi Guys, I have come up with this Hawaiian/Polynesian design for my shoulder. Can you please let me know your thoughts. Cheers. 2.docx
  21. What a joke, did laugh however at the names of the people doing this... Dolyttle and Seamore,do little work and see more cash! Fuckin scamming cunts, go out and get a real job ya ponce bastards and don't try to coin in from others hard work and effort, by the way the sugar skull on your page looks like it was done in a kitchen, so who are some of these other 800 artists that will be featured in your "great book scam"?
  22. dark background; then, anything you want. And make sure your tattooer has a plan for the whole thing, based on how much coverage you want. You don't want something that looks patched together.
  23. Hi guys, I'm looking for some help - got stuck with my first calf tattoo and was hoping someone could help me with an idea how to continue. My story is, I wanted a Dove, sun, some trees and natural theme to put on whole calf. Without any filling or colors, just lines When we were thinking with an artist, we spent several hours and I've decided it will be better to quit it as it is that day - just to not make a mistake Now I'm a bit frustrated what to do - i know it was a mistake to go for it without any exact ideas. What do you think, how to complete this around the whole calf? I was thinking about some fileds / paper plane / patterns to fill an empty places and stay in "natural" topic All ideas would be much appreciated and once meeted, many beers ordered! 10th June I'm on the table again Martin
  24. take take take who is actually appearing in this book
  25. Hello, guys! I'm new here . I found your forum and i tought it is the perfect change to ask you, who I'm sure know a lot about tattoos, for an opinion. In march I had this tattoo, and now I want a flower shoulder. Do you have any ideea from where I should begin to unite this one with other flowers? Do you have an idea in mind? A flower design ? Thanks!
  26. Laser that atrocity off
  27. You can fuck right off
  28. I'm new to this forum and not sure if it's ok to post this as it's a request for information for a book I'm publishing on tattoos in America. This is a chance to promote yourself free and have your work appear int the book. Called Extraordinary Ink, the book will be 200+ pages and include art from 800 of the country’s best tattoo artists, rising stars and others who have made a name for themselves in their home town. There’s no charge for your work to appear, no obligation to purchase even a single copy of the book, and unfortunately no payment if your artwork is chosen. But, is a great opportunity to promote yourself, and rise above the competition by having your wrk featured in a book that will be sold and promoted internationally. While this is a great opportunity, don’t waste too much time thinking about it I have space for only a limited number of images and everyday more and more great artists are submitting their work for inclusion. If you’d like to submit an image, or learn more about the project, go to or check our Instagram @extraordinary_ink. Please feel free to forward this to your colleagues and friends who may be interested in having their work published in Extraordinary Ink. I do not intend to spam the forums and will not be posting this request all over. Thanks for your help and understanding
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