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  3. hey mark, forgive me I m 2 months late on this. life s fuck ups got in the way and havent been on the trails since then. just to thank you for your trouble. I m looking online, and have called a couple of light shops, here locally. if this doesn't work out, and if your offer still stands, I ll text you. thanks again
  4. Dulux any day lol
  5. Depends if you're painting portraits or the toilet door 😂
  6. Having the knowledge comes with having the resources. It's like saying I'm a great painter, just dont know what kind of paint to use
  7. oh god youre so fucked
  8. Last week
  9. You can do business with luckys but not kingpin why?
  10. Well can't do business with kingpin, but I can with luckys. Great people. What do you guys think about ringmaster coils? The springs they make are ok. If you have used them please. Comment.
  11. Cant help then
  12. I just had a tattoo done on Saturday whilst on holiday. I'm unsure if it's healing correctly. Also unsure if it was done well. It won't let me upload. Photo
  13. Welcome in
  14. I am very impressed. I have read EVERY post available in your unpaid stuff and you guys n girls know and have revealed ALL of the SECRETS, i have been at this for over 35 years, worked in 3 different shops, done thousands of tattoos, made my own pigments, and built over 600 machines. I will sign up for full membership soon...just got a lot on my plate right now.
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  16. Ah, see. That's all it took for me to understand. Just telling me that a line "shouldn't be there" doesn't actually help me, so thank you for providing me with a mental image of what you mean.
  17. Its ok im just making conversation lol you'll get used to us if you stick around
  18. Greetings, This is chang and viv from naestved denmark, 4700, Tattoo! Tattoossss!Any people interested for an authentic Asian cultural, Tribal and specially Black and grey tattoo of different design can contact also included various versatile designs, message us on our facebook page - or contact us at -71518343 , and enjoy our music-
  19. the 'line' in the middle of the hand should be curved the other way in my opinion as that is the more prominent line on anyones hand. have a look at your own hand for comparison, and yes, you do have a fold there but the pic isn't realism so I think you tried too hard to put in a lesser detail. Its not really a big deal, but can be confusing to another artist .apart from that its a nice start
  20. It's supposed to be a fold in the skin. I used a picture of my own hand for reference, and I have a fold there. So do this person and this other person. Thank you for your criticism, though and I apologize if I fail to see what you're seeing.
  21. In that case then the pad of the thumb or the muscle shouldnt be there lol
  22. Thank you! If you're talking about the finger that's in front of the candle, it looks like a little finger because it is, haha. The thumb is behind the candle.
  23. Welcome your thumb thinks its a little finger
  24. draw draw draw, no need to buy any equipment yet.
  25. lmao
  26. Draw, take a blood born pathogens and communicable disease test, proper sterilization. Rubbing alcohol is not used for sterilizing tattoo equipment, needles etc. Stay away from those Chinese kits on ebay and amazon, those inks are not good for the skin. Research research research. Do not rush out to buy a kit for $50 because it contains everything and tattoo your wife or brother. You have to crawl before you can walk.
  27. I agree with mark101. I have heard "well my machine in my Chinese kit works great" meanwhile they are tattooing their wife, brother or somebody and scarring them up then asking why the ink didn't stay in. Everybody wants to jump right into it without learning the basics. While I was apprenticing I slowly got quality equipment and the artist teaching me had started me out with a decent liner. I was fortunate to have him. You can find some quality gear for a good price if you search. The inks in some of those kits I have read are toxic. If this is something you are serious about doing there is plenty to do before picking up a machine. Idk your skill level as an artist for drawing but I would start there. 1 pencil is all you need right now. You can do a lot with a single #2 pencil. Get your line work and shading good with the pencil. Print out some pictures from google images, trace them and look at the pic for the black and grey values. The only time in the beginning I was aloud to pick up a machine was when I was drawing. He had me use a pencil in a machine. Learn about blood born pathogens and communicable diseases, Online offers plenty of learning and testing sites and you can print a completed course certificate. Learn about proper sterilization procedures, needle depth, looking over needles to assure there is no hooking, how to correctly set up, tear down and tune machines. The proper way to setup your work station and tear it down. There is a lot to learn in this trade that some people will never know because they jumped into it. I was given basically weekly tests on what i learned for that week. I am glad that he was like that with me. I'm new here but so far from what i can see there are plenty of real talented and knowledgable artists here. Just ask, learn all you can. Draw draw draw. There are a few machines that won't break the bank and are quality made. I know a guy in Clermont Florida that makes real nice running machines for a good price. Sorry I am long winded at times. Best of luck to you.
  28. Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well. I'm a small-town gal who's been drawing for years. I have a diploma in secreterial studies and accounting, but I've decided that I'd much rather be a tattoo artist than a secretary-accountant hybrid. So, I joined this forum in the hopes that I will be able to learn more about what it truly takes to be a great tattoo artist and to maybe make some new friends along the way. The only work that I currently have to show you guys is this sort-of flash sheet that I drew today, but I do plan on sharing more in the future!
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