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  2. that sucks lol... just sent you a msg, not sure why is that.. otherwise we need one of those homing / carrier pigeons..
  3. Sent it i think but apparently you cannot recieve pms lol
  4. thanks
  5. I'll send you a pm i can trust you
  6. good luck then... looking forward to hear more got the speedballer liner too btw.. should receive it someday next week.. happy as a kid on Christmas day
  7. Perfect solution to an age old problem but i got to do it first lol
  8. pm.. or we move the thread to another section? got me curious
  9. Any help posting videos to this forum would be appreciated we have plenty of artist interviews from Australia that need to be shared...
  10. Ruthless TV recently did this Artist Profile clip with Damien Wickham at the 3 Eyes Tattoo Convention in Adelaide. <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Damien Wickham Artist Profile
  11. Ruthless TV is a group of friends with a common goal, to bring you the very best coverage from Tattoo Conventions, to show you the coolest Tattoo Studios and to interview those that make it all happen. Our Ruthless TV production team is small and dedicated to releasing as much Ruthless TV content as we possibly can. So stay tuned to Ruthless TV on your favourite Social Media channel or just cruise by the Ruthless TV Website we promise there will always be something fresh for your viewing pleasure.
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  13. cant post it in this section but i have an idea lol
  14. just ordered the al brodeur s workhorse, but the wire shrink sounds like a good idea. sometimes it s not the bad quality of a clipcord, but my swivel chair / stool wheels going over the thin plastic around the wiring.. so that would help give better protection thanks mate
  15. Last week
  16. yah just was trying to work out a formula per size needle and job if that makes sense
  17. oh yeah. hell my 7 year old can tattoo then
  18. Dont need it only tracing and colouring in lol
  19. A wise man once said only a fool has himself as a client but your legs are the easiest to do it on
  20. whay about buying some thicker wire shrink tibe and a soldering iron and replace the old cord when needed? it would be cheap too. amd that soldiering iron will one day come in handy for your machine's as well.
  21. have you tried a bing image search ?😎
  22. do you have any artistic ability ?
  23. Alright im in love with tattoos, i have a bunch and i really want to start tattooing. I will obviously use practice skin until i get comfortable and then ill tattoo on myself. But i want and need advice, i mean im watching videos and studying and all that. But id love to hear from all of you. What type of gun. What color brands do u prefer, how should i start, when i tattoos myself how should i start. All that. I will take all of this in to educate myself. I really want to do this. Thanks guys.
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