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  2. mac_1au

    My animated tattoo film - Skin Deep

    Reminded me of the ‘Wicked energy drink’ which tattooist Kian Forreal done.
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  4. mark101

    My animated tattoo film - Skin Deep

    I watched it all but got bored after 1.45 but thought id keep watching
  5. Hi tattoo lovers! Tomorrow is national Tattoo day, and I would like to share my short film Skin Deep with you. https://vimeo.com/279764914 Let me what do you think, share it if you love it! Thanks. Lulu
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  7. So I went to a dermatologist, and it wasn't helpful. He seemed like he was in a rush and said it could be an allergy, then prescribed me a steroid cream which only made the redness worse. I contacted the tattoo shop and they said they used the same grey ink as in other tattoos I've gotten there, where I had no problem with healing. This makes it seem unlikely to me this is an ink allergy. I'm going to another dermatologist on Monday and hope to get an anti-biotic in case this is an infection under the skin.. Still I think it's surprising how I can't find anyone who has had a similar reaction after getting a tattoo. Driving me crazy trying to figure out what's wrong with my skin.
  8. brakbrik

    How much do Apprenticeships usually cost?

    I know a tattoo shop owner who is faking a disability to get benefits and free medical care, who is taking on apprentices. She is north of Los Angeles. It makes me wish I could warn the new apprentices. She is an ex con, but she has run the shop since 1994. There seem like so many other great artists to learn from and get started in the craft.
  9. Just sounds like you are feeling impulsive and dont have much patience for the process. It’s gonna take as long as it takes. Just keep doing the 4 hour sessions till its done. Jeff Gogue traveled to japan multiple times a year for 12x 10 hour sessions and it took him like a year and a half to do his back body suit. 101 hours total he said. Tattooing takes time, and multiple trips and multiple passes to make a great tattoo. you’re working within your budget and doing what you can, that’s all you can do, you’re right where you should be. i will say that in my experience of tattooing people, usually pale skin is the easiest for me to tattoo.
  10. For some reason the forum is embedding it, but if you copy and paste it works. No no, I am very eager to do this and get it done, I just mean I don't want this to end up being a year or two long commitment. At least to me, that just seems like such a long time to work on it.
  11. maryrosesmithadvance

    Hi Everyone!

    I hope everyone one is fine. Just checking in. Thanks!
  12. J.J. Flash

    Gday ALL

    Hey all! Ghost reporting for inactive duty!
  13. if no one had replied that would that have been wrong as well and people would then moan about that if you pick an artist to do the work shouldnt that be a question to take up with them whats going to happen is this customer goes into shop and says a bloke on a forum says that should only take an hour so it should only cost 50£ tattoo artist says go to the bloke on the forum then and get it done for 50£ customer says well i cant coz hes on the forum innit i only wanna pay 50£ tattoo artist says well its gonna cost you 100 for me to do it customer says i aint paying 100£ i' ll get my mate to do it he says he charge me 40£ tattoo artist says gon on fuck off and get it done by yuor mate customer walks out door 6 months later customer walks in and says how much to cover this.... tattoo artist now says i remember you 200£ to cover that you fuckin idiot sound familiar tattoo artists?
  14. Dont do it every month if you dont want to picture doesnt open
  15. Is it truly such a bad thing for someone to want to have a genuine discussion about something like this? I understand how annoying it is for people to make new accounts, make one post, then leave and never return, but there's no justification for your outburst towards him. Like he said, looking at your profile history, even I can see you're a major dick who belittles every single person who says something you don't like. News flash, bud, this isn'y your forum. You don't get a say in who comes here and posts, so piss off and stop harassing people who are making legitimate posts. If you don't like what they say, move on with your life. You don't have to reply to them. You obviously know some of what you're talking about, so try and only be helpful. Keep your rude opinion to yourself.
  16. Hello, Just last week I went in and got phase 1 done of my sleeve. https://i.gyazo.com/08ce383409ce604f57a6fd724f605059.jpg My plan was for it to be a 95% sleeve, meaning I wasn't going to do the elbow. This first session was four hours, and I imagine that will be what we do each time. Due to money, I'm unable to do longer sessions. I've done a bit of research and read that sometimes it can be a year or two process. With me only being able to go in once a month, and that once a month session being four hours, I feel like it'll definitely be a year long commitment. I really want this sleeve, but I'm also not sure if I want to do this every single month. I guess what I'm hoping is that someone might be able to give me a close time frame as to how long this might take to do. One thing I have going for me is small arms, but one issue my artist ran into was due to how pale my skin is, she really had to take extra time to get the ink to stay. (or something like thhat)
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  18. mark101

    Gday ALL

    There is a few old ghosts still trying to make a go of it
  19. mark101

    can chlorine affect a healed tattoo?

    No see above post
  20. You're safe unless you get ass raped then you may get aids or bitten by a dog and get rabies lol
  21. mac_1au

    Help with half sleeve ideas

    I’ll say it before some of the others do..... don’t bother posting shit, this is not a place to come to and make 1 ‘single’ post because you’re either too stupid or too lazy or both to come up with either half an idea of your own or to visit a tattoo shop in your area and discuss your dilemma with them( they don’t usually charge you unless you actually agree to get something drawn up) there is always “google” where you can browse tattoo ideas until you die
  22. I have 2 tattoos on my lower arm. One on my forearm is 2 pocket watches with my kids name, time and date of birth, and one on the back of my lower arm is my wedding anniversary in Roman numerals with writing on it. Both are black and grey. I want to turn it into a half sleeve somehow, but have no ideas at all as to what to have done to fill in the gap in between them on both sides of my arm. Can anyone help me with some ideas? I’m open to any suggestions at this point. It won’t let me upload pics because it says they are too big, but I will try to figure it out and get them on here
  23. Well you should have stated that! You asked ‘is it an infection or an allergy’ , this is a tattoo forum not an Internet doctors surgery. But since you are here asking , it could be a number of things .... reaction to ink , infection or it could be something completely unrelated to the fact that you have a recent tattoo in the same area of skin! Go see a professional doctor or skin specialist
  24. i got a tattoo on the side of my calf and its pretty big i got it two months ago it feels fine it looks fine and healed and everything now but i just dont want to let my guard down too soon in case im wrong
  25. i have heard that if you want to swim in a pool even after the tattoo has healed it can fade your tattoo over time is this true and if it is true how do i protect it
  26. thanks for the reply thats a good idea. i like the idea to keep the animal theme thanks
  27. I wasn't expecting a doctor to respond, just wanted to see if anyone here has experienced anything similar.
  28. Mate it is up to you. I would suggest picking 3 more elements you like: such as a deer, wolf, and a womens face ( for example), then gerrinf your artist to out it together with some more smoke and roses.
  29. heather.tattoos

    Need some help with cover-up

    Thats some pretty packed colour and heavy linework. So i think your artist advising you to get a bit of laser is a great option, given it gives us more room to work with whrn covering your tattoo. Strong lines and colour are pretty tough to hide unless you want a tattoo that is really dark. I think if you wanted something for your wife still, maybe ask her what she thinks or finds inspiring? Like a courageous lion or soaring eagle. To symbolise the journey you two went through together. Then have a talk with your artist about how you can make that happen.
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