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  3. Raised shiny/scaly tattoo after 2 weeks

    Wait until its healed nothing you can do until then
  4. Raised shiny/scaly tattoo after 2 weeks

    Yeah, you’re right...
  5. Hi so I feel like I might be overreacting here, but I got a couple of new tattoos exactly 2 weeks ago, I’m just a bit concerned about the way everything’s healing. I’ve had a few other tattoos done in the past and only one of them is raised because the artist was a bit too heavy handed. This is mostly why I’m concerned because I know that if it’s happened before, it can happen again. I went to a different artist this time around and he’s done one of my tattoos in the past which healed perfectly fine, but it’s small and on the other side of my arm so I didn’t really watch the healing process all that closely. These ones cover my entire forearm so I’m paying more attention to it this time around. I know it’s normal for tattoos to look a little odd (dull/shiny) for a few weeks, but because I have dark skin, I know I might be more susceptible to raised scarring (keloids). That’s my biggest worry, really. I know it might be too soon to tell, but I guess I’m just wondering if it all looks normal for the stage that it’s at? I know everyone’s skin heals differently, but I guess I’d just like to know that it’s not uncommon for tattoos to look like mine after 2 weeks. thanks! some photos of the healing tattoo https://drive.google.com/open?id=18uoEUL1pYtnBzAu75AQcBRHreYxw0Uia
  6. Hello everyone!

    hello vibes, I also a newbie here. welcome!
  7. Hello everyone!

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  8. an eye tattoo

    Hi,guys,Just find a good tattoo, how about it ?
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  11. First tatoo

    Yea true hahaha, the thing is the black wolf was painfull for me idk why and when he started doing the white one i fell asleep on the table, im not even joking, and then he went back to black and my eyes just poped out of sleep ROFL
  12. First tatoo

    Most peoples fear is the unknowing once its over Most forget the pain aswell lol
  13. First tatoo

    Of course I am, it has a meaning for me, trust me after a week or two you are even gonna forget you have a tattoo lmao
  14. hi

    Find a good artist
  15. First tatoo

    And are you happy with it?
  16. First tatoo

    I forgot about this post, I did the tattoo, if you trust your artist you're gonna be fine, its doesn't hurt my advice would be if u did it on the uper back bellow the neck like me its gonna be hard for you to reach it so you should get someone to help you clean it etc.
  17. First tatoo

    hi, just wander how about it now. i just want a tattoo and would you offer me some advice?
  18. hi

    Hi,everyone, I am phoebe, live in china.just be interested in tattoo and want my first one. maybe you can give me some suggestions.
  19. Apprenticeship Contract Questions - What's normal?

    So in that case its only fair that you pay your dues if he says five years bear in mind you wont be a tattooist after 1 year it will probably take nearer to 4 or 5
  20. ideas for existing tattoo

    I is always a capital , poor grammar or dyslexic tattooist. Find a more mature artist who at least finished primary school 😏
  21. Apprenticeship Contract Questions - What's normal?

    They gave me the option to pay 7-10,000 for an apprenticeship OR to work for it. I chose to work for it.
  22. Apprenticeship Contract Questions - What's normal?

    Are they charging you for the apprentiship as that will dictate my answer
  23. Apprenticeship Contract Questions - What's normal?

    Look at it like a six year collage course that will give you everything you need, including employment. One year will get you ready to begin tattooing. In the next five years you'll really learn what you're doing. If the owner/tattooers at this shop are putting out high quality work, then the experience of learning their trade skills should supersede your wanderlust for the time being. Also, just because you live in one area doesn't mean you can't travel a bit...getting 1099'ed as an outside contractor teaches you quickly how to turn almost any excursion into a "business trip"
  24. Hey everyone, I could really use some advice making a big life decision! I have been talking to a shop in town and they recently offered me an apprenticeship (woo!) but I'm getting really nervous about committing to their contract. The apprenticeship contract states that after around a year of being an apprentice, I would be required to work there for FIVE years. Five years is a long time for anyone, especially a youngster like me. And this small town isn't the place I want to live in for most of my 20s. Seems like 2 or 3 years would be more reasonable, although I understand that they want to get a lot of work out of me after they teach me so much valuable information. Is five years normal? Is it unheard of for me to try to negotiate with them? Should I maybe just try for another shop in the town that I actually want to live in for the next six years? Thank you so much!
  25. hello guys ! i have a tattoo on my left hand. i need to improve that tattoo with a better look.. can u guys tell me about your ideas..... this is my existing tattoo....
  26. Hello Everyone

    Hi john, If you want to know more about best(latest)tattoo designs you can visit@ 75 Best Tribal Tattoo Designs For Men and Women.
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  28. tattoo aftercare spray / foam?

    Go find a good artist tell them your problem and go from there.
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